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GST1 Terminal - 1

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM MISSING TERMINALS ASSOCIATED They allow the user to adapt its access control necessities with a wide range of options to achieve a complete automation of the weighing station. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES Terminal for autonomous station with RFID lector to detect the approach of the vehicles. Installation Kit in painted steel version and stainless steel. INCLUDED; »» RFID/MFARE lector »» Card manager system »» 2 LED indicators »» 5 RFID cards »» Terminal GST1 in painted steel »» Terminal GST1 in stainless steel »» Terminal GST 1|2 in painted steel with printer (interco

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GST1 Terminal - 2

SOFTWARE OPTIONS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM GST1 SELF-SERVICE APPLICATION Access terminals with operator or without operator, if it is installed the G2 Automatic applicative. This terminal enable the installation of optionals to integrate identification systems of vehicles via RFID reader. GST1|2 Terminal may contain a communication system via intercom. ASSOCIATED SOFTWARE* ''SG2 AUTOMATIC » It enables that the Terminals GST1 and GST2 to work against the GESNET2 in unattended way (without operator). » Weighing control automatic management function. TERMINAL MODULES SOFTWARE GESTRUCK2 /...

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