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GiScale - 1

scale scale ONE PRO Control and visualize your indicator from the PC Control your production lines and all the GI400-GI410 indicators

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GiScale - 2

GISCALEONE SOFTWARE 1 SOFTWARE more complete to optimize your workplace NEW FUNCTIONS AND APPLICATIONS • Register of weights with detail of the product • Connection to multiple indicators • Connection via port SERIES and via IP • Report of weights • Graph in real time of the average weight processed, maximum/minimum value, speed of sampling or sampling per second • Graph analysis of the registered weights • Exportation of formats data; Excel, pdf, etc.. Code # Description

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GiScale - 3

GISCALEPRO SOFTWARE Production lines Control of more than 1 indicator • Heavy-duty register with product detail. • Multi-indicators connection. • Printing of weighted tickets. • Log history query. • Export reports (PDF, XLS, CSV). • Register fields as: Client, product, and Num. Lot • It performs heavy with the different modes of GI400 (Chechweigher, counting...) • Weighing in semi-unattended mode with the transmission modes (interval: Every X time, stable, manual: Press PRINT from viewfinder, step by zero...) • Consultation and graphic analysis of weighing in real time. • Customization of...

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GiScale - 4

with your indicator SERIE GI400 SERIE GI400 FREE DOWNLOAD GISCALE SOFTWARE DEMO UPDATE TOOLS CONFIGURATION TOOLS Connection to 1 indicator (GI400 or GI410) Connection with the indicator via COM They allow the actualization of GI400-410 INDICATORS they allow the configuration and formeterisation of the indicator ( technical user)

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