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GI650D - 1

WEIGHING SOLUTIONS GI650D TOUCH INDICATOR FOR DIGITAL LOAD CELLS Connect up to 32 digital load cells Touchscreen indicator for weighing on weighbridges with digital load cells.

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GI650D - 2

Touch indicator for digital load cells WEIGHING SOLUTIONS TOUCH CONFIGURABLE TICKET PROGRAMMABLE INDICATORS TOUCH SCREEN MULTI LANGUAGE Giropes has developed a compact indicator with a touch screen for vehicle weighing systems with digital load cells. Indicator designed and manufactured by Giropes that can connect to our digital cell. This digital system can provide individual solutions for all the cells of a weighbridge, without needing to recalibrate the entire weighbridge. AVAILABLE FIRMWARES Truck Weighing Touch Screen Features Main Features » High-speed response for interacting with...

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GI650D - 3

GI650D digital system functions WEIGHING SOLUTIONS Individual diagnoses the status of each of the digital cells. Indicates incidents and errors for the group of cells, or for each one of the digital cells. Distinction and definitive identification by the unique serial number of each of the installed cells. Control the internal calculations of each of the cells in real time. Control errors quickly, whether due to malfunction or a wiring failure. Replace or change a cell without the need for on-site calibration. JUNCTION BOX TO DIGITAL INDICATOR RED (VCC) BLACK (GND) SHIELD BLUE (RXD-) GREEN...

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GI650D - 4

WEIGHING SOLUTIONS GI650D with firmware Truck weighing The Gi650D series allows you to easily navigate the truck firmware with a tactile interface and technology designed to adjust to the new times. TRUCK WEIGHING FIRMWARES TRUCK WEIGHING system » TARE: Entering tares manually. Weighing with saved » CONFIGURABLE PRINTING TICKETS: Allows you to configure the tickets and determine the configuration to be stored in the device for each type of ticket. » DIGITAL PRE-CALIBRATION. » PLUG AND WEIGHT SYSTEM that allows you to connect and weigh directly, without needing calibration. » MANAGEMENT OF...

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GI650D - 5

WEIGHING SOLUTIONS GI650D Downloading data EXPORT / IMPORT Simple but optimised system for uploading and downloading data, which allows data to be downloaded as a CSV file and used in Excel. You can modify and create data (e.g. products, tasks, descriptions, customers, suppliers, etc.) in line with the structure.

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GI650D - 6

WEIGHING SOLUTIONS GIMANAGER PC software for GI6XX indicators The GIManager software of the Giropes Solutions division is dedicated to the configuration and display for the GI6xx indicator series. CONFIGURABLE TICKETS SEARCH INDICATORS QUICK AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE » OS Win 8 or Win 10 » Processor: 1GHz » RAM memory: 2GB » Disk space: 10GB MULTI LANGUAG

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GI650D - 7

WEIGHING SOLUTIONS FOLDERS SYSTEM for exported configurations and firmware backups GIMANAGER Main Functions » Search for indicators connected to a network or serial port » Download firmware updates » Management of basic configuration and firmware backups » Configuration of indicator parameters (general, » GI650D Device Configuration: » Metrological parameters » AD parameters » Calibration parameters » Communication setup » Regional parameters » Folders system: » For exported configurations and firmware backups » Software actualization: » GIManager automatically detects updates and asks user...

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GI650D - 8

TOUCH INDICATOR ACCESSORIES #Code Bench-top version Logitech K120 Business USB keyboard On wall version with reclining bracket STANDARD COMMUNICATIONS Description Ethernet USB (including cable) - for uploading/downloading data and keyboard Weighing repeater with 6 digits of 45 mm Weighing repeater with 6 dígits of 100 mm POWER SUPPLY #Code Alibi memory Battery (for power failures) AVAILABLE FIRMWARES #Code 330002 Description Truck weighing FREE PC SOFTWARE #Code GIManager *download on the website WEIGHING SOLUTIONS | Linkedin:giropes-sl | Pol. Empordà...

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