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TOUCH SCREEN QUALITY & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Innovation and optimisation come together in a multifunctional touch-screen device Bench-top version

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TOUCH SCREEN QUALITY & TECHNOLOGY CROSS-SECTIONAL DESIGN Giropès has developed a compact indicator with a touch screen and multiple functions for all types of distribution, food, chemical and logistics industries. TOUCH TOUCH SCREEN 8-INCH SCREEN High-speed response for interacting with any material. The resistive screen means it can be used with gloves or other objects (e.g. pens), while achieving the same accuracy as your finger. But the technology is designed to prevent buttons being pressed accidentally. Its design means it can be adapted to all environments, providing resistance to...

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ClROPES) WEIGHING SOLUTIONS C€ ^ USABILITY AND COLOR CONTRAST Our team of engineers and designers devised the different screens with the aim of providing the operator with an optimum experience so they can easily configure it to suit their work requirements. In terms of clarity and colour contrast in the checkwei-gher mode, the indicator provides a highly visible traffic light function with bright colours to highlight the target weight information. GENERAL FEATURES 8" touch screen Desktop version / Wall-mounted version with reclining bracket Stainless steel housing Dimensions Desktop:...

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WEIGHING SOLUTIONS GI650 T8 DOWNLOADING DATA EXPORT / IMPORT Simple but optimised system for uploading and downloading data, which allows data to be downloaded as a CSV file and used in Excel. You can modify and create data (e.g. products, tasks, descriptions, customers, suppliers. etc.) in line with the structure.

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WEIGHING SOLUTIONS CONFIGURATION AND VISUALIZATION MAIN FUNCTIONS: Search for indicators connected to a network or serial port Download firmware updates Management of basic configuration and firmware backups Configuration of indicator parameters (general, metrological and communication) Ticket configuration » OS Win 8 or Win 10 » Processor: 1GHz » RAM memory: 2GB » Disk space: 10GB REAL-TIME DISPLAY OF WEIGHT OF THE SCALE 00:0

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ClROPES) WEIGHING SOLTUIONS C€ ^ GI650 DEVICE CONFIGURATION Metrological parameters AD parameters Calibration parameters Communication setup Regional parameters CONFIGURABLE TICKETS SEARCH INDICATORS QUICK AND INTUITIVE INTERFACE MULTI LANGUAGE * Software actualization - GIManager automatically detects updates and asks user to install them

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LOGISTICS SYSTEM The importance of traceability with firmware dedicated to control and registration at different levels. WEIGHING SOLUTIONS » BATCH MANAGEMENT Different batch functions (product - box - pallet) » MANAGEMENT OF FREE CODE TYPES Management of different codes. You can use up to 2000 codes and manage them into 4 different free code types. They can also be combined as 2 codes and 2 labels, so the firmware can be adapted to the way the industry works. There are also 2 free description fields. » MANAGEMENT OF WEIGHTS From 5.400 to 9.200 weights can be stored*. » MANAGEMENT OF SAVED...

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BATCHES LOGISTICS SYSTEM Product traceability must be properly managed and recorded. This may be a legal obligation in some cases, such as with food or pharmaceutical products, but proper records and traceability, from the unit product and the boxes or packaging, to the batch and then the truck, is essential for control and distribution processes. Date : 2020/03/02 14:46:41 Ticket nmber: 38 Product : 22 flashlights GROSS: 0.624 kg TARE: 0.000 kg NET: 0,624 kg Product : 22 flashlights GROSS: 0.642 kg TARE: 0,000 kg NET: 0,642 kg Product : 22 flashlights GROSS: 0,642 kg TARE: 0,000 kg NET:...

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TRUCK WEIGHING NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR A ROBUST PROGRAM The Gi650 series allows you to easily navigate the truck firmware with a tactile interface and technology designed to adjust to the new times. ClROPES) WEIGHING SOLUTIONS INTRODUCTION OF MANUAL TARE WEIGHING WITH MEMORIZED TARE MANAGEMENT OF MEMORIZED TARES BY PLATE MANAGEMENT OF LORRIES IN TRANSIT It is possible to manage as many vehicles in traffic as weighing memory are available. PROGRAMMING Date and time

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TRUCK WEIGHING SYSTEM » TARE Entering tares manually. Weighing with saved tares. » CONFIGURABLE PRINTING LIST AND TICKETS Allows you to configure the tickets quickly, easily and intuitively. Through the graphic visual interface, you can select the desired fields and determine the configuration to be stored in the device for each type of ticket. » MANAGEMENT OF CODES Allows you to manage a dossier of up to 2000 archive codes. This archive is used for managing 4 different types of codes e.g. customer, material, source and destination. You can enter a specific name for each type. » MANAGEMENT...

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INDICATOR GI650 T8 #Code Description 210196 Bench-top version 210195 On wall version with reclining bracket STANDARD COMMUNICATIONS Description RS232 x 2 Ethernet USB (including cable) - for uploading/downloading data and keyboard #Code Description 580239 Logitech K120 Business USB keyboard 580302 Ethernet cable 0,5 m 270401 RS232 cable to computer 1,5 m (9F-9F/ D) 210185 Weighing repeater with 6 digits of 45 mm 210256 Weighing repeater with 6 digits of 100 mm POWER SUPPLY #Code Description 220243 BS1363 (UK) OPTIONALS #Code Description - Battery (for power failures) 330002 Truck weighing...

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