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SECTORIAL WEIGHING GESTRUCK COMPLET CONTROL OF THE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT STORAGE AREAS GESTRUCK, The software offers a complete control of the weighing operations of vehicles, with an easy to understand interface, and which facilitates, above all, the collection of the desired information with the maximum accuracy and quickness possible. With GesTruck2 the users can register and process, in a quick and efficient way, the traffic in their weighbridges. » INVENTORY CONTROL » MANAGEMENT OF STORAGE AREAS » STATISTICAL ANALYSIS It supports different installation structures: from the most basic...

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Giropes\ Solutions / FUNCTIONS i    SD    PN    E|S    CS    CP    CF    IT    IU    LR INTRO    STATIC    WEIGHT    INPUTS /    CONTROL    ORDERS    INVOICES    PRINT    IDENT.    ROLES AND INFO    DYNAMIC    NET    OUTPUTS INVENTORIES CREATION CREATION TICKETS AND USERS    PERMITS REPORTS    LIMITEDS GESTRUCK    ^ SLIM Standard version, easy and mono use. For installations of up to two scales in a weighing zone. GESTRUCK ONE Multi-sector version for installations of up to five industrial scales, access and presence control. Installation triels, access control and presence. Installation on...

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REQUIREMENTS OF THE OPERATING SYSTEM » Desk items applications (Windows 7/8/10). » 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits processor(x64) at 2.4 GHz or more. » 4 GB RAM Memory or more. » 16 GB or more of available disk space. Axle weighing system WEIGHING IN COMMUNICATIONS MOTION    MODULES CONTROL MODULES Flow control and vehicle placement devices system Visual inspection Vehicle recognition system Sending data by ETHERNET Printing and reading code bars Synchronization and comunication system PRINCIPAL FEATURES Database SLIM SQLite Ticket formats Number of controllable balances LICENCES GESTRUCK Licence...

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Modules Vehicle flow control system and placement of vehicles via access control devices and signalling system Module FCS/PCS Vehicle flow control system AVAILABLE DEVICES FOR FLOW CONTROL AND VEHICLE PLACEMENT DEVICES SYSTEM *Consult specifications and prices VISUAL INSPECTION AND VEHICLE RECOGNITION SYSTEM Traffic light Barrier. Operator’s control panel Inductive loops DEVICES FOR THE POSITIONING SYSTEM *Consult specifications and prices Set camera CCTV AVAILABLE DEVICES FOR VISUAL INSPECTION AND VEHICLE RECOGNITION SYSTEM *Consult specifications and prices Set camera ANPR The Gestruck2...

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TRANSMISSION OF WEIGHING DATA This module allows the automatic transmission of weighing registers via report format (txt, xls, pdf) to electronic mail, FTP servers or directories. » Automated sending to specific directory. » It allows the transmission of data to third-party systems in the specified format. ( Check the available formats. Possibility to add others on special request) When registering the companies and sending them an electronic mail, the system is going to send automatically the copy of the ticket to notify the weighing which has been done. Exporting the registers of the...

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Solutions / PERIPHERAL CONTROLLABLE Gestruck enables you to adapt your necessities of access control with a wide range of options, until reaching a complete automation of the weighing station. 05TERMINALS Automated or via operator’s command Elements to detect the positioning of the vehicle when in the weighing zone Light signals which give access or exit permission to the weighing zone Centre of control of display and screenshot. Option of license plate recognition for the automation Self-service terminals for users and operators

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They allow the user to adapt its access control necessities with a wide range of options to achieve a complete automation of the weighing station. OPTIONS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Access terminals with operator or without operator, if it is installed the G2 Automatic applicative. Both terminals enable the installation of OPTIONALS to integrate identification systems of vehicles via RFID reader and light indications or in the case of the GST, LCD display. The GST2 terminal may contain a system of communication via intercom. + UNNATTENDED TERMINAL APPLICATIVE » It enables that the Terminals GST1...

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Bornes series GST UNATTENDED ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM GST (UWT) »» Terminal with touch screen and software. »» There are 3 different software to choose. »» More options of interaction via intercom, barcode readers and others. »» Consult our service centre to know about more options. »» Terminal with proximity card, printer, LCD display. Painted or stainless option. »» More interaction options via intercom. GST1 »» Terminal for autonomous station with RFID reader to detect proximity and led indicator. »» Painted and stainless steel

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PRIVATE AREA The customer can register and see the weighing data SOLUTION OF MANAGEMENT CLOUD It enables the management of all the entities which interfere in a weighing process (companies, vehicles, materials, etc.). Associated with the GesTruck2 or the application GT2App it will allow the control of all its production plants. AppFSS ADMINISTRATION » Definition of materials » Empowerment of vehicles » Possibility to control different weighing centres » Visualization of the state of the different containers of the centre STATISTIC of weighing visualization USER’S ACCESS » Visualization of...

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