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DATA LOGGER New generation Accurate and versatile with multiple functions The system is appropriate for High Speed previous selection DYNA B615 is the newest device designed with the conception to develop multiple and different applications of data control in traffic. Collecting, storing and sharing data of traffic to improve mobility and networks. Multiple devices related to collect data as weight, speed, volum, etc. to manage them for any applications. A traffic light or a variable messages sign, placed after the scale in the Highway automatically advises the offenders to deviate or to go to the place where they are going to receive their fine or the traffic agent is going to make a further revision. On the other hand, the vehicles which are travelling without overload and which do not have done any type of infringement are immediately directed to the exit. If a vehicle does not follow the indications of the signal and does not deviate, the camera placed on the exit lane is going to take a picture of the vehicle and an alarm sign is going to appear in the software of the traffic agent as an escape infringement. A second scale of medium or low weight in motion system is installed near the control room. #CONTROL traffic in real time WIM TRAFFIC TOTAL WEIGHT | LOAD PER AXLE | DISTANCES | SPEED medium speed system high speed system DATA LOGGER *HOMOLOGATION WITH AXLE PLATFORM BPPEM

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DATA LOGGER Accuracy Static weight Accuracy Low speed weight Accuracy Medium speed weight Accuracy in weight measurement (level of reliability) Measuring range (per axle) Speed range Operating temperature range Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight (5 AD w/2 channels) *HOMOLOGATION WITH AXLE PLATFORM BPPEM INTERFACES Communication Ethernet ports (TCP/IP) Digital input channels Digital output channels Interface RS485 Interface RS232 Loops DATA LOGGER Display Power Consumption External Battery 20x4 with blue backlight 110-240 VAC 50/60HZ 2A 12 vdc 115 Ah Optional installation of the Fixed Weighing System...

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