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BPPCE EVO 100 - 1

BPPCE EVO METAL MODULAR unidirectional ON-GROUND and omnidirectional PIT ASSEMBLY WIDTH 100 SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL WEIGHING QUALITY AND MAXIMUM RELIABILITY www.giropes.com | giropes@giropes.com | Linkedin:giropes-sl Pol. Empordà Internacional, C/Molló 15-16 | 17469 VILAMALLA- (Girona) SPAIN T(34) 972 527 212 · F(34)972 527 211

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BPPCE EVO 100 - 2

BPPCE EVO The scales of the series BPPCE EVO are metal scales with a modular building, to be used in the weighing of vehicles allowed to circulate on road. MODULES • Modules with IPE-270, IPE-240 IPE-220 and IPE-200 profils. • Headboards with handrails of 20 mm thick. • Diamond sheet 8/10 mm in module and flat of 10 mm in records. FINISHED The scales are delivered with polyurethane paint in blue colour RAL 5004. The screwing is galvanized and its quality is 8.8 except in those auxiliary screws lower to M14. TRANSPORT The modular structure facilitates an easy transport and assembly. The...

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BPPCE EVO 100 - 3

To best adapt to the needs of use at the customer,The rolling surface is completely flat and it’s possible to install on-ground or pit. UNIDIRECTIONAL on-ground OMNIDIRECTINAL pit assembly BEAMS AND HEADERS UNION The scale is made of cross headboards which contain the load cells (2 cells each headboard) and modules of 1500 mm in width which are inserted in pairs between the headboards. The lengh of the modules varies according to the dimensions of the scale. ACCESS TO THE LOAD CELLS AND WEIGHT CAPTURE Access to the load cells and to the limits is done from the area of the scale, through the...

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BPPCE EVO 100 - 4

BPPCE EVO STRUCTURE In order to adapt to costumer’s needs, BPPCE EVO is a modular metal weighbridge with a resistant structure. Its new design reduces flexion in an optimal way. It has been designed and developed by Giropès as a result of a process of continuous improvements. Distribution of stresses under a triaxial load with the maximum load allowed on the road. Nodes: 224609 Elements: 121887 Measurement units: MPa Detail of the BPPCE EVO module in the most critical area with a point load of a 4000kg.

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BPPCE EVO 100 - 6

The BPPCE EVO series allows the customization of its components in order to configure the product according to the needs of the client. FINISHED SPECIAL PAINTING Gushed surface, beams, cross-beams with special paint as per customer specifications. GALVANISED The galvanised finition resists corrosion, ensuring maintenance and longevity. Description Fraction, additional meter of cable. SUPL. GALVANISED ' Consult for other accessories

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BPPCE EVO 100 - 8

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS COMPLETE WEIGHING SYSTEM FOR WEIGHBRIDGES CONTROL AND IDENTIFICATION ELEMENTS SELF-SERVICE TERMINALS WEIGHING MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Wide range of elements to access and exit control: Barriers, traffic lights, unattended terminal, camera control, license plate recognition, etc. Self-service weighing terminals allow the truck driver to weigh without the presence of an operator. Giropes Solutions designs the software to provide solutions for business management. High control for workflow obtaining an optimization and performance of production process. INDICATORS & REPEATERS...

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