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allies & Components WASTE TREATMENT CRANES (WTC)

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Excellent Equipment GH GROUP GH is one of the global leaders in the lifting industry, who has been always driven by the following belief: “science and technology should support development of civilization”, sparing no efforts to promote high technology in each aspect of lifting sector, that has an important position among other industries. Over the course of more than half a century of development GH has been a reference in lifting business, step by step reinventing the business, each time more powerfully. GH is recognized as the world's leading supplier of the lifting equipment, spare...

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Tailor Made Solutions EXPERIENCE INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS GH equipment meets the demand of customers of Waste Treatment plants through GH global project experience. Highly qualified team is able to deliver solutions that will fit the needs and requirements of Waste Treatment Plants of any throughput and size. From the design stage GH offers to our customers tailor-made solutions. GH IS BEING ABLE TO SUPPLY ALL THE CRANES INVOLVED IN THE TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS OF THE SECTOR. The solutions are integrated with the complete process required by our clients. PROCESS EFFICIENCY Nowadays in plants,...

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WASTE HANDLING CRANES Vanguard Technology WORKING CYCLE Exemplary drawing IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO BE DEFINED ü ü ü ü Grab resting area EOT crane parking area Available length to park the festoon cable trolleys Crane maintenance access location AUTOMATIC CRANES EXPERTISE Each time the waste handling crane crosses predefined positions, either forwards or backwards, it carries out scanning and updates waste level of each position. PLC compares the data obtained and records the smallest level registered (h). Knowing that each data/position is assigned to the specific long travel and cross...

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Your partner in business GH is aware of the important role of cranes, that whenever needed they must be operational. Layout of handling areas, backup cranes and complete working cycle are key elements taken into account by GH sales team and expert engineers. GH offer includes automated cranes equipped with the latest technology to maximize the return on investment of our customers. SLAG CRANE Crane operating in manual mode Clamshell grab as most convenient underhook lifting equipment Standard hoists up to M6 working group

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BOILER AND TURBINE MAINTENANCE CRANES Crane operating in manual mode Underhook lifting equipment not needed Standard hoists up to M5 working group Up to 50t capacity including auxiliary hoists (option)

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MAINTENANCE HOIST Usually capacity up to 5t M4 working group needed Used for maintenance of the main waste handling crane TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS WASTE TO ENERGY (WTE) PLANTS Waste handling cranes Slag (ash) handling cranes Maintenance crane for boiler area Service hoists BIOMASS PLANTS WASTE HANDLING CRANES Process crane ensuring handling of demanded capacity defined in tons / year (cycle) Semiautomatic or automatic cranes Solution with trolley in M7-M8 working group highly recommended Crane redundancy recommended Biomass handling cranes Maintenance cranes for boiler area Service hoists...

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DIFFERENT TYPES OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS TWO DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS ELECTRO HYDRAULICALLY DRIVEN GRABS The orange peel grab or the clamshell grab are driven by an electrohydraulic unit, consisting of an electrical motor, a pump and hydraulic valves, which supply oil under pressure through duly protected hoses, to the cylinders operating teeth or shells. All these units are integrated in the orange peel grab or the clamshell grab body. The orange peel grab or the clamshell grab’s electrical supply is carried out through a spring reel or motorized cable reel, depending on the hoisting...

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GH has supplied cranes, with its design and technology, to more than 40 waste treatment plants all over the world. WASTE HANDLING CRANES REFERENCES TURKEY ANDRITZ Double girder WTC of 6,3 t. Sludge transport. Annual performance 120.000t. SPAIN CEMENTOS ALFA Double girder WTC of 5t. Annual performance 80.000t. PORTUGAL METROCOMPOST Double girder WTC of 6,3 t. Annual performance 120.000t. 2014 GH · WASTE TREATMENT CRANES (WTC)

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SWEDEN SVENSKA LIFT Double girder WTC of 8t Biomass handling. Annual performance 120.000t. FRANCE URBASER NANTES Double girder WTC of 6,3t. Annual performance 100.000t. CHINA ZUNYI XINHUAN Double girder WTC of 8t. Annual performance 140.000t. In 2003 we bought GH waste treatment crane. Over 11 years it has shown high reliability and very good quality in all aspects. Thanks to a minimum maintenance required its operational cost has been really low. Comments from the person in charge of the plant Zunyi Xinhuan. 2014 GH · WASTE TREATMENT CRANES (WTC)

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GH cranes are known for their durability and reliability, which are the most important factors in any industry, but even more important, when dealing with process cranes such as « waste handling cranes ». The whole process depends mainly on those cranes and only the best performance is acceptable. Service and maintenance plays a key role in our GH product strategy. Every crane should be inspected and maintained before any problem occurs in order to avoid downtimes and to reduce the impact of the operating costs on our customers’ profits. GH cranes use the best design, delivering the highest...

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Cranes & Components 20200 BEASAIN (Gipuzkoa) Spain e-mail:

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