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GH, MORE THAN STANDARD We believe in robust design and long-term performance. What others consider an option, we consider standard: / Variable Frequency Drives in all motion. / Tension rollers rather than counterweights on monorail hoist. / Overload limit device with monitoring and data logging capabilities. / Proven manufacturing processes according to ISO standards. / Variety of safety items such as a redundant limit switch in hoisting. Manufacturing & Service 14891 Hwy 205 Terrell, TX 75160 Spare parts & Components 9134 Gulfstream Rd Frankfort, IL 60423 GH SERVICE PARTNERSHIP THROUGH OUR CUSTOMIZED INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS, WE GUARANTEE A FAST, EFFICIENT AND PRECISE RESPONSE, AT ALL TIMES. GH Cranes & Components USA 14891 Hwy 205 Terrell, TX 75160 (972) 563-8333 FolderID: Sample FormID: 13665809 GH Cranes & Components 14891 HWY 205 TERRELL, Texas 75160 Overhead Crane Location: Crane Serial Number: GH Terrell 14891 HWY 205 TERRELL, Texas 75160 12345 INDOOR or OUTDOOR CRANE: LIFT HEIGHT: Crane Manufacturer: Hoist / Trolley Configuration: Main Only Priorities Found: Add a Photo of the Hoist, Trolley, Bridge Data Plate. Function Test Pendant Controls Pendant Function Pendant Strain Relief & Pendant Cable Pendant Functions Clearly Identified Pendant Enclosure Note Section . Radio Function Directional Indications. 13. Intermediate Radio Relay Panel GH Cranes & Components USA disclaims all warranties, both express and implied, relating to the information, reports, opinions and analysis disclosed to the Customer by GH Cranes & Components USA. GH Cranes & Components USA shall not be liable for any errors or omissions, or any losses, injury or damages arising from the use of such information, reports, opinions and analysis by the Customer. Printed on 05/23/2022 / Reduce operating and maintenance costs. Initial Function Test 12. Transfer Switch Condition & Function / Increase equipment life span. Radio / Remote Control / Reduce production downtime. Pendant & Remote Pendant Brand: Wire Rope Control Type: Lifting Medium, Hoist 1: Model Number, Hoist 1: Serial Number, Hoist 1: / Improve safety. Equipment Number: Our maintenance programs use advanced technology to determine the real time condition of your equipment, while exceeding OSHA standards on all makes of cranes and hoists. These processes will: GLOBAL SUBSIDIARIES GH CRANES & COMPONENTS USA Proud member of /

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OUR WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS GH CRANES & COMPONENTS A FAMILY-OWNED BUSINESS FOUNDED IN 1958 THAT HAS GROWN CONTINUOUSLY ACROSS ALL CONTINENTS EVER SINCE. +125,000 cranes delivered worldwide, +70 Countries, 11 manufacturing plants, +1,000 employees TODAY, WE STILL UPHOLD THE VALUES OF OUR FOUNDERS: INTEGRITY, HONESTY, HARD WORK AND PRIDE IN A JOB WELL DONE. Overhead Cranes Gantry Cranes Special Solutions Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes (RTG´s) Transfer Carts Marine RTG´s GH CRANES USA / MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES: State-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Terrell (Dallas), Texas. / SPARE...

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