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Cranes & Components DESIGNED, ENGINEERED

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Excellent Equipment GH is one of the global leaders in the lifting industry, who has been al- ways driven by the following belief:" science and technology should serve to enhance the civilization of the mankind", sparing no efforts to promote mature technology in each lifting industry, which has been widely recog- nized and supported, over the course of more than half a century of devel- opment, GH has lead the industry, step by step, reinventing the business, each time more powerfully. In many industries, GH is recognized as the world's leading supplier for the lifting equipment, spare...

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Tailor Made Solutions INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS GH wide EXPERIENCE in developing optimal solutions for pulp & paper industry makes a difference when driving our clients in this sector. GH's skilled team delivers our expertise in this industry helping our clients to select suitable lifting equipment for the typical processes involved in the sector. From design stage we offer tailor made solutions to our customers being able to supply all the cranes involved in the typical installations of the sector. The solutions are integral according to the complete process needs PROCESS EFFICIENCY One paper...

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YOUR PARTNER GH is aware of the important role of the cranes, that is, they must be operational when need- ed. Layout of handling areas, backup cranes and complete working cycle are key elements taken into account by our sales team and ex- pert engineers. GH offer includes automated cranes equipped with latest technology to maximize the return on investment of our Automatic cranes Solution by open winch Automatic cram Capacity: gener | 2014 GH ■ LIFTING SOLUTIONS FOR PULP & PAPER INDUSTRY

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4. Roll grinding workshop crane 5. Sheet cutters roll feeding cranes 6. Automatic intermediate roll storage 7. Automatic shipping roll storage 20M6H- LIFTING SOLUTIONS FDR PULP & PAPER INDUSTRY

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Vanguard Technology EFFICIENCY FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Pulp and paper industry has been historically one of the main industrial sectors in which GH solutions have met its demanding needs effectively. Numerous satisfied clients support tailor made solutions. Our experience in the sector allows us to drive our clients towards efficiency improvement whichever process/es they are in. GH wide range of lifting solutions deliver big savings in construction costs: compact designs, optimizing lifting height and side approaches resulting in a decrease of CAPEX for our clients, Furthermore we shorten...

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MAIN ADVANTAGES OF AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS FOR PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY • Semi-automatic and Fully automatic cranes: PLC controlled cranes ensuring needed shortened working cycles, target positioning avoiding manual controlled inefficiencies and including electronic anti-sway system. • Zone restriction: Protected areas kept safe, eliminating human errors and avoiding dam- ages in your equipment or injuries to your staff. • Synchronization in hoisting: Closed loop controlled (encoder) avoiding paper and empty rolls slipping and ensuring a precise and safe loading when using 2 or more lifting...

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GH cranes are known due to their durability and reliability, which are important in any industry given but even more important when dealing with process cranes as the ones installed in pulp&paper sector. The whole process depends on those cranes and only best performance Service and maintenance plays a key role in our GH product strategy. The Crane should be inspected and maintained before any problem appears in order to avoid stops, and reduce the impact of the operating costs on our customers' profits. GH Cranes uses the best design, delivering a higher quality product, meeting higher...

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Cranes ft/Components

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