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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t


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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 1


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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 2

OVER 60 YEARS OF KNOW-HOW More than 125,000 hoists installed vouch for our experience Over 60 years of experience… Adaptable, modular design… Safety and reliability features… A wide range of solutions… Selection chart… Technical service and spares… GH started out in 1958, as a manufacturer of lifting components. We now operate in over 70 countries, installing our products and providing solutions for practi-cally all sectors. Our years of experience and our customers' recognition of the high quality of our products have placed GH among the leading European manufacturers in the li

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 3

WE'VE DEVELOPED A NEW HOIST WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM A NEW MACHINE? Safety Reliability Performance Durability Maintenance Frequency inverter for cross travel and hoist motions as standard. Minimum duty service classification ISO M5. C-shaped design for better approaches. Reduced weight, transmitting less stress to the structure. Complies with European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. Designed for higher productivity and maintenance savings. Quick connector on motors and cabinets.

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 4

AN ADAPTABLE, MODULAR HOIST Modular design, easily adaptable to different wire rope arrangements and girder widths The new hoist's modular design enables much of the structure to be used for assembling the different hoist configurations, different rope arrangements (4/1, 2/1, 4/2, etc.), drum lengths or installing a second motor. This design makes GH's new hoist competitive and quick to manufac-ture.

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 5

A ROBUST, RELIABLE RANGE OF HOISTS Single-girder suspended hoist Double-girder hoist with tubes Double-girder hoist with end carriages Specific solutions for each type of work and working environment AERONAUTICS SHIPBUILDING AUTOMOTIVE METAL FABRICATION WIND POWER RAILWAY CASTING CONTAINER CRANES STEEL HANDLING STONE HANDLING BOAT HANDLING PUBLIC WORKS PAPER MILLS PRECAST CONCRETE URBAN SOLID WASTE STEEL INDUSTRY GH's products for all sectors are designed with a view to offering our customers the best performance at the lowest cost, based on reliability, safety, durability, affordability...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 6

SPEED CONTROL BY FREQUENCY INVERTER, FOR HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES Speed selection. Smooth running. Acceleration/deceleration control to prevent dange-rous swing. Electric braking, allowing the service brake to work as a safety brake in practice. More durable mechanisms. Compact design for the closest approaches, making efficient use of available space. Light weight, with no counterweight, reducing stress to the structure. Energy savings. SAFETY Frequency inverter for cross travel and hoist motions as standard. Wire rope safety factor as per EC directive (Min 5). Two steps limit switch...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 7

LOAD CONTROL All our hoists come equipped with the model ALE-100/TN electronic limiter, with record and control function. Designed for overload, loose wire rope and motor overhea-ting control. also records the load spectrum of the hoist as per UNE 58 919 standard. In combination with the overload cell, it enables optional viewing of hanged load and Safe Operating Period control: - Number of lifting manoeuvres. - Number of inching manoeuvres. HOIST VERSIONS We adapt the features of our products to meet our customers' needs. - Hoist for curves. - Cradled double-girder trolley. - Hoist with...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 8

MACHINES WITH ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMISED DESIGN We have used state-of-the-art technology to improve all aspects of this new hoist The following information can also be accessed optionally, in conjunction with ALM100N: - Number and duration of hoisting operations. - Number of manoeuvres. Energy savings and environmental protection have become a major issue in today's engineering systems - Record of the last 500 overloads and maintenance alert activation. GH's solution in this area centres on the use of regenerative frequency inverters. These have major advan-tages over conventional...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 9

A WIDE RANGE IS AVAILABLE Standard: Frequency inverter on hoisting Models GHA12, GHB11, GHD13 and GHE17 - Nominal speed at full load - Overspeed at 1/4 load Hoisting speed || 5/0,8 m/min. GHB11, GHD13, GHE17 Hoisting speed || 5/1,25 m/min. GHA12 Other options available. SPEED m/min SPEED m/min FEM duty (M5 - M6) Lifting height (H1 - H5) Lifting speed (4 m/min = 04) Reeving arrangement (2/1, 4/1, 4/2, etc.) Hoist capacity (e.g. 3.2 t = 03; 10 t = 10) Hoist type. Execution (N: Single girder normal headroom, R: Single girder low headroom; B: Double girder with tubes; F: Fixed; T: with end...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 10

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE, MAINTENANCE AND ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS We've designed a state-of-the-art, lightweight, robust hoist requiring minimum maintenance GH spare parts distribution center To guarantee perfect functioning and durability of the units we offer an allround service, including After-sales Service, Technical Assistance and Spare Parts Supply: -Preventive and predictive maintenance. - Corrective maintenance. -We stock original replacement parts. - Crane operator training courses.

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 11

POLAND FRANCE INDIA THAILAND PERU BRAZIL CRANE MANUFACTURERS WORLDWIDE GH, Spain central offices CENTRAL OFFICES T: +34 943 805 660 Cabreúva GH DO BRASIL IND. E COM. LTDA. T: +55 1144090066 Chonburi LGH CRANES CO., LTD. T: +66 (0)-2327 9399 Shangai GH (SHANGHAI) LIFTING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. T: +86 21 5988 7676 GH Cranes Arabia FZCO T: +971 4 8810773 Illinois GH Cranes & Components USA- IL T: (815) 277 5328 Texas GH Cranes & Components USA- TX T: (972)...

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New Hoists Generation until 12.5t - 12

Смотрите видео нашей новой hoist by scanning this QR code, or See the video on the new GHB11тали GHB11 online сканирования QR-кода, или on-line по адре

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