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MOTION MOBILITY AND LIFTING SOLUTIONS WITH MAXIMUM RELIABILITY At GH, we look to help our clients stay as profitable as possible, by providing the best possible service and product for your operation. We provide machines designed with flexible, individualized solutions and designs, resulting in robust structures to increase productivity and maximize operational safety. We also offer maintenance plans according to the client’s need, which helps to minimize production downtime – thanks to an international, yet local, customer service network, an extensive stock of replacement parts, and...

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Boat | Marine jib i Dry hoists cranes docks Boat transporter

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DELIVERING EFFICIENCY. WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS. We are focused on delivering efficiency for your dry dock/ shipyard operations. We design your individualized crane to do just that. Our range of lifting applications for the marine sector provide the safety and operability that today's marinas, dry docks, and shipyards need, while helping to get the most out of your equipment and infrastructure. Our machines have all of the right components to provide the best possible service and maximized profitability for our clients. FLEXIBLE, FAST, AND MANEUVERABLE Designed to optimize handling and...

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RECOMMENDED BOAT Length (LJ/Beam (BJ in metres TYPES OF ROTATION The following are the four steering modes offered by our marine solutions. Download the app to get the full Augmented Reality experience. To activate it, please make sure your phone's camera points at the area within the grey rectangle. © ELECTRONIC ROTATION. Using slew drives and a PL.C. 0°: STD. Movement with the 2 front wheels. 90°: Lateral movement + steering with the right side wheels. Polar: The unit rotates 3600 on its own axis. +45°: Movement in both diagonal directions. Inverted: Movement using the 2 back wheels.

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MARINE JIB CRANES THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR LIFTING LIGHT LOADS EASILY, SAFELY, AND PROFITABLY. BASIC CAPABILITIES PERSONALIZED AND FAST INSTALLATION Two types: 1) Standard; and 2) Sailboat (specific for hoisting sailboats). FLEXIBILITY AND TOP PERFORMANCE with 3600 electronic rotation and variable speed drive for all movements. ROBUST AND EXTREME DURABILITY with components and treatments specifically designed for marine environments: anti-corrosion protection, electric hoist with special galvanized wire rope for maximum service life.

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BOAT TRANSPORTER A BOAT TRANSPORTER IS A HYDRAULIC MACHINE THAT IS USED TO MOVE BOATS WITHIN A MARINA/PORT. This system makes it easy to move dry-docked boats for marina storage maneuvers as well as inspections and maintenance. BASIC CAPABILITIES ROTATION: 4 ROTATION MODES FLOOR-MOUNTED SUPPORT DRY DOCKS THE SIMPLEST SOLUTION TO INCREASE YOUR DRY DOCK’S CAPACITY AND IMPROVE SERVICE. BASIC CAPABILITIES All of our designs are adapted to each client’s specific needs. Just let us know if you prefer fully automated, semi-automated, or manual. Taking advantage of dry dock space, while adapting to...

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FULL-ELECTRIC SERIES No emissions. No leaks. GH presents its jump into clean energy for its automotive RTGs by introducing GH70e, a full electric boat hoist with 65t capacity. A high performance ion-lithium battery pack with 10 years warranty provides a full working day of independent operation and its fast charger aids its recharge. GH is committed to sustainability, incorporating an optional independent solar panel support system that provides up to 20% of the daily energy used. / Able to incorporate a variable span system that improves dry-docking efficiency for boats with different...

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Lines of research in environmental sustainability, transforming the machine into a smart device through monitoring, and applying the “industry 4.0” concept throughout, as well as using the most advanced communication technologies, all of which connect us to the future and solidify our commitment to an unquenchable thirst to add value to our clients’ balance sheets. COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY Our R&D strategy, and our clear focus on providing complete solutions, has led us to incorporate new elements into our products that promote environmental sustainability and adherence to energy...

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Scaled representation of our clients’ work options with our machines. 3 Metrology lab: for piece dimension control. Real-time monitoring of manufacturing status. Lasertracker. Crane dimension control. Structure calculation tools using finite elements. Once we commission the crane: With the “Service Mobile” app we manage preventative and corrective maintenance actions. Client Portal. A platform providing up-to-date crane information that both GH and the client can access. Remote monitoring of the crane’s operating data in real time. Making preemptive and corrective maintenance more...

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HISTORY GH CRANES & COMPONENTS is a family company with more than 65 years of experience on the market, making it a global leader in the lifting sector (hoists, bridge cranes, boat hoists, transfer carts), operating around the world with more than 1000 employees. GH's headquarters are located in Spain, with 10 industrial plants distributed around the world in strategic markets. STANDARD SOLUTIONS SPECIAL SOLUTIONS COMPREHENSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF COMPONENTS AND MECHANISMS GH MOTION MOBILE SYSTEMS GLOBAL SERVICE EX SOLUTIONS ATEX IECEx Alongside its main line of business, GH has developed a...

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Local service — SERVICE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Our capability and organizational structure as integral manufacturers of our entire product puts us in a position of leadership. This status is complemented by the development of an extensive service network that can respond to all of our clients' needs. In this sense, GH CRANES & COMPONENTS is backed by a large group of professionals that are prepared to address any contingency anywhere in the world. DESIGN PLANNING Document Management. Contract Management. Warning notifications. Data history. Operating condition indicators. Proactive operating...

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