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NEWS BULLETIN Nº16 FEBRUARY 2016 GH AND ROLLS-ROYCE TOGETHER WHAT A WORK!! IN CO-OPERATION WITH ASTILLEROS CANARIOS ROLLS-ROYCE CHOOSES GH FOR ITS INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION Rolls-Royce, the British multinational company, has trusted GH cranes in co-operation with Astilleros Canarios (Astican) for the facilities of one of the biggest repair and maintenance shipyards for oil platforms and ships in general. The industrial building is equipped with 7 EOT cranes which are now a reference within Rolls-Royce, a multinational tied to excellence and quality, which has been one of the most valued trademarks in the globalized world.

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KNOWING THE PAST TO PROJECT THE FUTURE Some of our potential customers, when buying a crane, sometimes mention that, for them, cranes are just classic machines, useful for lifting and moving loads around and, as long as they can perform these duties, all cranes are basically the same. However, those who are, like us, striving for the best in this sector, know that beginning in the last century and continuing in the current one, cranes have improved in a number of ways, and that while some manufactures apply these improvements in their manufacturing standards, others do not. THE FIRST STEP...

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In translation wheels, toothed wheels have been replaced by drive-shaft wheels. From the use of materials like C45, now modular casting has become almost universal, with the advantage of higher resistance EN-J51060 and EN-J51070, and better self-lubrication, for standard cranes. In special cranes, forged materials have found their way, as has induction surface tempering. It is only in the last twenty-five years of the 20th century that crane manufactures made widespread use of the electric, electronic, automatism and communciation technologies. End carriages (also in translation movements),...

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GH in the world Some recent facilities

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NEWS PRESENT IN A SECTOR WHERE FIRST-CLASS CUSTOMERS HAVE VALUED OUR SOLUTIONS GH IS ALL BUSINESS in the steel industry GH is one of the main references in the world in the lifting sector, with its wide array of products in EOT cranes, industrial and maritime gantries, transfer carts and other products. Its versatility, flexibility and the know-how gathered during almost 60 years allow the company to offer varied and complex solutions to the needs of any customer in all the main markets of the world. GH is one of a handful of integral manufacturers (it produces all of its pieces and...

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DANIELI deal pays off ecently, some months ago we reached an agreement with Danieli to provide them with 80 hoists for their light cranes, which are used in the great projects taken up by the world’s most important steel companies. Danieli is one of the best-known companies in the world supplying rolling mills and big technological cranes for the demanding manufacturing processes in the world’s steel mills. These hoists that GH will provide have been specially and exclusively designed for them, but they have all our technology and components, which are exclusively GH. Danieli has decided on...

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AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST FOR A COMBINED CYCLE PLANT IN EGYPT GH GETS ITS BIGGEST EVER ORDER IN THE EXTERNAL MARKET he project consists of providing equipment for a 4800 MW plant in Egypt. Our customer is ORASCOM, the main building company in that country, with which we have a long trajectory of co-operation, with GH providing important deliveries in the past. This project is an important step forward for GH and a reaffirment for our international projection. The requirements, made both by the Egyptian company and by its European partner, position us in the best situation to address these...

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