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GH´NEWS 20 - 1

MEXICO. A TWENTY-YEARJOURNEY / AMERICA SEMINAR IN QUERETARO / CELEBRATION OF OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY / PERE GARCÍA VENTURA General Manager of GH MEXICO The Universe of George “NEW HORIZONS” _ CARLOS AGUIRRE Manager of the GH Group’s Standard Solutions Business Unit _ RECENT PROJECTS GH OLEA AND START-UP CONTEST _ JUAN BOYERO Manager for Central Maintenance, Engineering, Energy, and Generation at Gerdau Metaldom in the Dominican Repu

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GH´NEWS 20 - 2

p.4 A TWENTY-YEAR JOURNEY p.8 AMERICA SEMINAR IN QUERETARO CELEBRATION OF OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY p.12 INTERVIEW PERE GARCÍA VENTURA General Manager of GH Mexico CARLOS AGUIRRE Manager of the GH Group’s Standard Solutions Business Unit 22 RECENT PROJECTS 26 GH OLEA AND START-UP CONTEST JUAN BOYERO Manager for Central Maintenance, Engineering, Energy, and Generation at Gerdau Metaldom in the Dominican Republic

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GH´NEWS 20 - 3

COMING OF AGE Jose Antonio Guerra CEO of the GH GROUP t seems like it was just yesterday when we celebrated our tenth anniversary. And yet, we have also celebrated the fifteenth and now, almost without realising it, we’re celebrating our twentieth. “THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SELF-COMPLACENCY, NOR IS IT THE TIME TO EASE OFF ON OUR EXPECTATIONS AND STANDARDS” The real protagonists of this celebration are all those who make up the team at GH Mexico and we would like to acknowledge them. It seems as though celebrating 20 years is easy and something routine. Clearly, things are not so easy: we...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 4

MEXICO. A Twenty-Year Journey. Mexico has a total surface area of 1,964,375 km², (Spain has around 500,000 km2); therefore, it is the thirteenth largest country in terms of land extension in the world, and the third largest in Latin America. It shares its northern border with The United States of America and said border measures 3,155 km. Meanwhile, there is a 958-km border with Guatemala along the south, and 276 km are shared with Belize. The country’s coasts are splashed by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east; likewise, the Caribbean Sea. In total, the country...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 5

ONLY ONE SUIT IN HIS LUGGAGE. Spain and its market were going through a prolonged period of growth that had previously been unknown in all the records that measure economic cycle flows. The domestic market was a hungry dinosaur that devoured everything that was produced, and that allowed companies to grow and consolidate their balance sheets with sustained and steady sales. GH was no exception. However, internal voices were increasingly aware, doubting that the carnival that seemed to have no end would last. In 1999, it was decided that Mexico was a natural destination that had to be...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 6

TREASURE HUNT. PART OF MEXICO’S HISTORY. It was clear: a new factory had to be built. Thus, the “Vicente Guerra” protocol was applied to search for the perfect location for our plant in the country. Vicente got off the plane after twelve hours of tiresome travel and asked to go directly to the airport’s bookshop to search for and buy all the maps, diagrams, and documentation that he could to analyse the geographic distribution of the country, the topography, and even the orientation of the sun – an aspect which he studied quite carefully. Once he had processed everything in his head with...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 7

TENTH ANNIVERSARY . TWENTY YEARS IN MEXICO. In 2008, GH’s modern history in Mexico got its start. Juan Mari Azcona was succeeded in General Management by Pere García, who has effectively held the position since that time. We celebrated our tenth anniversary. Pere and his team really got GH cruising: new projects, top-rate clients, successful jobs, etc. That is exactly what we are celebrating now. This is the story that reminds us that “twenty years are nothing,” as the famous tango goes in Spanish; and the song’s lyrics are also the title of our “Still Shot Timeline” that reminds us of the...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 8

AMERICA SEMINAR AND GH’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY IN MEXICO. oinciding with the 20th anniversary of GH MEXICO, the AMERICA Seminar took place – a seminar in which all the leaders of our production and sales subsidiaries on the American continent (from Canada to Argentina) participated, as well as the distributors that cover the markets on which GH is not directly present. In this Seminar, which is held every two years in a different country, new strategies are shared, as well as sharing innovations in terms of products and strategies and setting out and defining the goals for the coming years. For...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 9

THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE AMERICA SEMINAR HAD THE CHANCE TO VISIT THE GH MEXICO FACILITIES AND SEE THE PRODUCTION PROCESSES ON SITE he events to celebrate GH MEXICO’s 20th anniversary included all company staff and centred around a dinner that commemorated the special event and was full of surprises for all in attendance. After those acts of joint celebration and reaffirmation of a group of individuals who have been able to successfully pilot GH during its history in Mexico, other traditional events were held to celebrate a mixing of cultures and “friendly” competitions, like the football...

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GH´NEWS 20 - 10

There was time for fellowship when the 2019 America Seminar joined with the Twentieth Anniversary of GH MEXICO Celebrations, which included all those who are part of the GH Mexico team.

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GH´NEWS 20 - 11


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GH´NEWS 20 - 12

Pere García Ventura General Manager of GH Mexico e arrived on a rerouted flight that had to make a technical stop in Cancun due to problems. That entry couldn’t have been any more promising. Like a true novice in search of his destiny, his backpack was full of dreams and hopes: “just imagine a salesman in Barcelona who, overnight, decides to take on the General Management of GH MEXICO… this was, for me, a great challenge and an unimaginable change,” he explains slowly, surely, yet not without a certain look of melancholic retrospect. Pere García has been in charge of GH’s project in Mexico...

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