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The Result Of The Experience INNOVATION WHICH DELIVERS VALUE WHICH OF THE BELOW CHARACTERISTICS WOULD YOU REQUIRE FOR A NEW MACHINE YOU ARE ABOUT TO BUY? Experienced Manufacturer Vanguard technology The highest Safety standards Extended Reliability Maximum Eficiency Proven Robustness Modern and compact design Minimum Maintenance User friendliness GH MAIN MILESTONES Own 8 manufacturing Facilities Selling to over 60 Countries and Regions Over 60 Years of performance in cranes industry Over 80 Years of history Over 100,000 global successful installations

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More than 60 years of performance in lifting industry Remarkable yearly investment in R&D, focused on innovation R&D Complying with European EN13001 & EN15011 (based on obsolete FEM1001 STD); ( Directive of Machines 2006/4 STD and GB Chinese STD 2006/42/CE Continuous improvement of any characteristic of our products by listening to our clients an Extended speed range Cranes used for more than 20 years still performing well nowadays y State of the art materials used for each component Elements tested for 100,000 hours under the worst conditions Latest technologies applied to improve the user...

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GH Vision & Mission GH GROUP GH is one of the global leaders in the lifting industry, which has been always driven by the following belief:" science and technology should serve to enhance the civilization of the mankind”, sparing no efforts to promote mature technology in each lifting industry, which has been widely recognized and supported. over the course of more than half a century of development, GH has lead the industry, step by step, reinventing the business, each time more powerfully. In many industries, GH is recognized as the world's leading supplier for its reliable lifting...

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GH VISION is to BE RECOGNIZED AS THE PREMIUM SUPPLIER thanks to OUR VALUES: BEST QUALITY, PARTNERSHIP WITH OUR CLIENTS and SUPPLIERS, HONESTY and HUMILITY. GH meets the highest Standards in design and manufacturing, including FEM, DIRECTIVE OF MACHINES, ISO, CMAA, etc. Devoting to the excellence of our 100% made in Europe mechanisms and value added services. The best materials and parts, and top manufacturing processes ensure the delivery of reliable equipment with an easy maintenance. Reliable commercial parts, we used for the equipment, as much as possible, to increase the...

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Components - 6

The New Generation GH NEW HOIST SERIES: GHA12 (UP TO 3.2T), GHB11 (UP TO 6.3T) & GHD13 (UP TO 12.5T) • Totally modular, screwed mounting: easy maintenance. • Less moments of inertia. • Less weight, less power consumption. • Design in C decreasing side approaches in single girder versions. • Polymer rope guide: increased rope life span with less wear. • Improved materials used increasing hoist life span. • M5 (min) – M7 working groups in all its versions. • Frequency inverters as standard on all movements (2 speeds in lifting optional). • ALE 100T Load limiter: Display of load and SWP (Safe...

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Components - 7

Configurations Covering Any Need Single girder hoist Foot mounted hoist Low headroom single girder hoist Standard double girder hoist (tubes) Double girder crab with end carriages SPEED INCREASED Single girder slewing hoist Frecuency Hz <25% Rated Load When load is < 25% of the nominal one, the fast speed increases by 60%

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Components - 8

Characteristics SAFETY • Rope safety factor ≥ 5 in accordance with Directive of Machines 2006/42/CE STD. • Modular design, allowing flexibility on falls interchange (4/1, 2/1, 4/2, etc.). Double limit switch on lifting. Safe working period control. Load swing control. Operation and maintenance monitoring. Load slip preventing feature. Slack rope indication. Protection against phase inversion or phase loss. Motor overheating protection. Overload limit device. Reliable load clamping by safety latch. • Lightweight, no counterweight reducing stress on the structure. • Brake just used as parking...

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New Series Selection Table Capacity [kg] Hoist type Rated power [Kw] Height of lifting HOL [m] P 3,1 * GHA12 only available in single girder low headroom version. * 1/1 and 2/2 falls only available in 2 speeds version. * Bigger HOL or lifting speeds available for each model under request.

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Components - 10

Big Capacity Hoists 16t-100t SERIES : GHE, GHF, GHG FOOT MOUNTED FEATURES t GEARBOX Robust and compact, situated on the exte- rior, allowing ease of access, gears in oil bath. The helical teeth in all the gears are cut with great precision, in cemented steel, assuring silent running, great reliabilty and long life. The drive from the motor to the gearbox is direct, avoiding coupling devices which have a tendancy to fail. t TRAVELLING GEAREDMOTORS Are specially designed for crane application. Low torque high inertia drives, provide gradual acceleration and smooth deceleration without...

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g Capacity Hoists Selection Table Hoisting speed (4 m/min= 04) Wire rope falls (2/1; 4/1; 4/2; Hoist type. Execution (F: Fixed hoist; N: Normal headroom; R: Low headroom; Double girder standard; T: Double girder with end girders) Hoist type. Size (E, F, G) * Bigger HOL or lifting speeds available for each model on request. • Robustness as main characteristic. • Small crab approach to enlarge the working area. • Tailor made solutions on request: rotatory, turning, cradled, over-running, Capacity [kg] Hoist type FEM Group Reeving Pole-changing Lifting [m/min] Fl Lifting [m/min] Rated power...

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GH SERVICE OFFERING • Spare Parts. • Original Spare parts supply. • Customized spare parts supply. • Training. • Crane technical training. • Crane safety and operator training. • Technical support and consultation.

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GH (SHANGHAI) LIFTING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Floor.7, No.966 · Huaxu Road Qingpu District · Shanghai Tel.: +86-021-5988 7676 Fax: +86-021-5988 7575 Scan to follow GH o翿cial Weixin

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