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Glass Vacuum Lifters 35 Class Leading Capacity Kombi 7011-AH & 7011-CH Single Circuit [1200kg] The Kombi 7011-AH and 7011-CH are both versatile single circuit vacuum lifters ideal for lifting and transporting heavy glass and large curtain walling elements in factories, workshops and manufacturing centres. With a single row of 12 suction pads, the Kombi 7011-AH lifter delivers a class-leading capacity to unit weight ratio. Its 4m long frame means it is suitable for lifting vertically and horizontally-oriented materials. The Kombi 7011-CH has 12 suction pads set in pairs making it extremely versatile, as each pair of pads is adjustable along the central axis and individual pads are also adjustable along the cross bar. Manual 90° tilting is also provided. • Capacity: 1200kg • Single circuit vacuum system with vacuum gauge • 90° manual tilting from vertical to horizontal • On-board maintenance-free vacuum pump • 12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v Cable remote control as standard charger and low battery warning • Audio-visual low vacuum warning • Visual low battery warning • Individual pads can be isolated to accommodate Optional infrared remote control shorter lengths and irregular shapes (reduces safe working load) Technical Specifications Safe working load (smooth, clean surface at 60% vacuum) Number of suction cups capacity: cups: description: Suction cup Suction cup diameter diameter: material properties: surface: example: depth: tilt: single circuit: Vacuum system pump: battery charger: mains: Standard accessories Optional accessories 1200kg 12 black rubber, not abrasion resistant, heat resistant up to 100˚F 300mm gastight / non-porous smooth glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, sheet metals, coated boards 260kg (CH), 230kg (AH) 330mm (CH), 270mm (AH) 90° manual 1 pump, 1 vacuum reserve tank 12v DC from rechargeable battery 110v/240v 50/60Hz single phase factory selectable 110v/240v 50/60Hz single phase cable remote control infrared remote control, 415v 3-phase, low marking pads

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Sales & Hire For The Workshop Reference Code VGL65 Technical Data Kombi 7011-AH & 7011-CH Single Circuit

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