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GGE Group GGE has been established since the end of the 70s as a manufacturer of lters for polluted air cleaning. In the course of 25 years, it became popular with an ever-growing success on the Italian and European markets, diversifying its production and offering reliable products and guaranteeing versatile services and experience in all industrial sectors. GGE plans and produces, on its own, single devices as well as complete industrial plants, in the sectors where and adequate air treatment is necessary for the safeguard of the work place and the environment. During the last years, GGE...

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Analysis and design GGE has always staked a lot on the internal competencies of its technicians’ team for the analysis and design of devices and plants. The on-site surveys, the feasibility study, the exchange of information with the internal production departments, the advice to the customer based on our long experience, are the preliminary and fundamental phases of our work. The drawing up of the project is the phase where we propose to personalize the plant according to every single customer’s needs and offer him various operating solutions, always guaranteeing the best cost-benet ratio....

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Production GGE internally manufactures the single devices and all the components of the industrial plants which have been produced. The internal production enables us to vary or modify our realizations, even during work in progress, so as to meet the customer’s particular needs. It also enables us to intervene subsequently in a rapid and professional way for reparations, plant enlargements, adjustments thus guaranteeing complete assistance. All our production is carried out with modern machineries and advanced technologies such as plasma cutting, so as to guarantee high building standards...

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Installation and testing Our plants are put in operation after the production only once they have been made ready, transported, installed and tested. GGE directly follows all these phases, guaranteeing the maximum tranquility to the customer, availing itself of internal logistics or of qualied partners with whom it has cooperated for years. Testing is the nal phase of the work and must be carried out with professionalism and accuracy. It is at this moment that the plant must pass the quality control by the customer and must prove that it operates in conditions of maximum safety, efciency...

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After-sales services Our after-sales service is based on diversied systems of technical assistance. Our internal warehouse offers broad availability of spare parts and optionals. Our internal production departments rapidly intervene in case of customizations, modications and reparations. Our commercial network is structured in such a way that every customer has a privileged relation with one of our employees, thus making the exchange of information easy and optimizing the intervention time. Our teams of installers and maintenance men intervene on the whole national territory and are able to...

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GGE catalogue - 7 The presence of GGE on the web is important to provide our established customers and prospects with information, news, participation in fairs of the sector, law adjustments. If you enter our site, you can also download all our technical documentation, divided into operating sectors (lters, dedusting, painting, ventilation, safety...). We keep these documents continuously updated so as to enable everyone to appraise our products, check their technical data and compatibilities, consider the optionals and customizations.

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Filters for hobby products Electric fans Bag lters Wheel-mounted lters TECNOLOGIE E SISTEMI PER I L T R AT TA M E N T O D E L L’ A R I A Industrial exhausters Activated charcoal lters Self-cleaning cartridge lters Centrifugal cyclones Hydro-lters Sub-stations Suction hoods Suction arms tecnologie eBox for welding sistemi Suction benches per la depurazione dell’aria Metal-enclosed ducts Painting booths Electrostatic lters Evaporative coolers Extraction towers Centrifugal fans Energy recovery Clean rooms Bio-technologies Sterilizers Decantation chambers Control of explosions Dtp: Mario...

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HOBBY PRODUCTS GGE srl - via Turati, 11 - 42010 Rio Saliceto (Reggio Emilia) - Italy - tel. +39 0522.738411 - fax. +39 0522.649714 - - Any reproduction and distribution of this document and the data contained in it is forbidden, without explicit authorization. Data contained therein are indicative and can change without previous notice.

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HOBBY PRODUCTS TS Filters for hobby products Maximum flow rate: 1200 m3/h Filtering surface: 2,5 m2 1500 The TS series filters are used in the handicraft and hobby manufacturing as dust suppressors on machines which are already equipped with an exhauster. With simple and robust construction, TS series filters represent the most economically convenient dust suppressors. The range is composed of various versions with or without supports and filtering surface from 0,9 m2 to 4 m2. As a function of this last one, the flow-rate range varies from 800 m3/h to 1400 m3/h. TS filters do not include...

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HOBBY PRODUCTS GN Electric fans with collection sack DESCRIPTION Electric fans, built from aluminium melting, they are perfect to solve many problems such as: air filtration and suction in the mechanical industry, of plastic materials, wood, etc. They are used in the factories where trimming, grinding, etc. are executed. It is a completely transferable series, which is suitable for works requiring various displacements. It can be installed on a bench, wall-mounted, on machine tools or a pivoting pedestal. The good work output, the reduced dimensions and the low cost, make GN series a very...

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HOBBY PRODUCTS GN Electric fans with collection sack CLASSIFICATION OF EXHAUSTERS ACCORDING TO THE TYPE OF FIXING The impeller direction of rotation and the position of the pressure throat must be intended looking at the fan from the suction side. (The opposite direction version is not available) ;*)To have 2 0 70 you need the optional code BRAG/100 GGE srl - via Turati, 11 - 42010 Rio Saliceto (Reggio Emilia) - Italy - tel. +39 0522.738411 - fax. +39 0522.649714 - - Data contained therein are indicative and can change without previous notice. Flow rate...

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