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GGB PyroSlide 1100 - High Temperature Metal Bearings


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Your Complete Tribological Service Provider GGB offers a comprehensive selection of products to meet the world’s most demanding surface engineering needs. We manufacture metal-polymer, engineered plastics, fiber reinforced composite, metal and bimetal bearings and polymer coatings along with a range of supporting assemblies, bushing blocks and thrust plates. Industries served include: — Aerospace — Fluid Power — Primary Metals Built for applications that need to operate under extreme temperatures and loads, while providing superior corrosion resistance. SPECIALIZED FOR HIGH-TEMP APPLICATIONS Global Footprint GGB has manufacturing, sales, service and support locations around the globe. This vast network of resources and expertise enables us to respond promptly to your bearing needs wherever you do business. LOW FRICTION, HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication while reducing wear and extending service life. MAINTENANCE-FREE Ideal for applications requiring long service life without regular maintenance or operating conditions with little or no lubrication. GGB North America P Box 189 | 700 Mid Atlantic Parkway .O. Thorofare, New Jersey 08086 Tel. +1-856-848-3200 | Fax +1-856-848-5115 | ENVIRONMENTAL Greaseless, lead-free solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, including RoHS directive for electrical and electronic equipment. FL0605ENG03-19USA ©2019 GGB. All rights reserved. ProSlideTM1100TM is a trademark of GGB and its affiliates.

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Beat the Heat With High-Temperature Performance Solutions Extreme applications demand extreme performance. The number of industrial, automotive and aerospace applications that now operate under extreme temperatures is on the rise. But so is the demand for solutions that can withstand these higher-temperature thresholds. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES — High wear resistance — High-temperature resistance — Low-friction properties — Self-lubricating — High load capacity — Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems (EHRS) — EGR valves — Turbocharger Wastegate Valves — Natural gas/ petrochemical valves — And more...

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