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Wire Cut EDM AC Progress VP - 24 Pages

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Wire Cut EDM AC Progress VP

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AC Progress VP2 < < 2 Advanced wire electrical discharge machine with high degree of precision and quality

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AC Progress VP3 AC Progress VP4 3 Contents Highlights 4 Certifi ed precision 6 High degree of autonomy 8 Versatility and Flexibility 10 Generator for all demands 16 Advanced functions for EDM 18 Effi cient automation 20

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4 Highlights High performance and productivity for high tech applications High quality surface fi nish A surface fi nish of Ra 0.2 ìm is reached as standard on all AC Progress VP. Roughness Ra down to 0.1 ìm can be reached with the SF module option. Smart Threading – threading in small holes in maximum safety Using wires with small diameters means that the production parts must have very small initial holes. With the Smart Threading option the minimum threading diameter for wires measuring 0.10 to 0.05 mm corresponds to the diameter of the wire plus 50 micron. Smart Threading is the ideal...

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5 The advantage of using 2 different wires on a single-wire system The AC Progress VP’s unique wire drives system allows a very special function in which two wires can be used in a single contour. Duotec in itself can massively reduce the time taken and running cost’s normally attributed to fi ner wire jobs. After carrying out the main cut on a larger diameter of wire a fi ner diameter wire is used to detail corners and provide the fi nal trim cuts. Other benefi ts of Duotec includes a more robust process as the majority of the material removal is completed on a larger diameter wire....

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6 The mechanical concept for maximum precision and repeatable results Certifi ed precision Mechanic’s - the foundation of performance, AC Progress VP2 and VP3 The solid cast iron structure with a C construction concept guarantees high static and dynamic rigidity, making it possible to achieve a high degree of positioning precision. The work area can house considerably large pieces or various multiple tightening systems. AC Progress VP4 Predestinated for highest workpiece weights on a fi xed table. X, Y, U and V axes as slides and arms with the wire guides. Taking in account of their long...

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< < CNC 7 Dual measuring system With two independent measuring systems, a precision in the ìm range is achieved on the workpiece. Shaft encoders guarantee high dynamics and optimum process control. Glass scales continuously monitor and optimise the axis positions. Optimal temperature stability All the heat generated in the system is dissipated by cooling water. The cooling of the generator, control system and dielectric unit is regulated by heat exchangers.

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3.5 kg 8 kg 16 kg 25 kg 8 Exploiting the wire electrical discharge machine potentiality to the full High degree of autonomy Autonomy With all components, like standard wire spools up to 25 kg as well as unmatched running time for wear parts, real long term machining (machining hours) is achieved. Rapid wire reel replacement Replacing the wire spool is quick and easy. An automatic device conveys the wire from the back of the system to the work area in just a few seconds. The speed of change of wire is particularly important when using the Duotec functionality. It is quick, simple and can be...

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< < X, Y 9 Reliable wire threading The machine can be used to full capacity in reliable night and weekend operation. Agiejet threads reliably in all cases such as multiple clampings, of multiple openings in one workpiece or in the rare case of a wire break (even wires of 0.05 mm diameter). A prerequisite for real autonomous, automated ED wire-cutting operation. Convenient setting up All important control functions are available and grouped in Agiejogger, the handbox with its electronic handwheel and LCD display. All phases of setting up can be carried out conveniently. Filtering system...

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10 1 2 2 1 Punch_2 Punch_1 Electrode Die_1 Die_2 Die_3 Early Late Versatility Exploiting the system to the full and Flexibility Flexible priorities, independent from external CAD Arrange and select individually the cutting sequences for workpieces. Directly on the machine and without the need of an external CAM system. Even during ED machining, the Early/Late function, allows to alter cutting sequences in accordance with time criteria (e.g. EDM start in the evening and removal of dropout parts in the morning) or any combination thinkable. Making the most of the work area The work area...

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Input Output 11 No manual alignment Automatic three-dimensional workpiece location with Agiesetup 3D in the work area, using the EDM wire and a touch probe. The control system takes account of any possible offset in space and independently assigns the new reference values to the geometry program. EDM-specifi c Job Management System Optimally manageable machining without reprogramming by a CAM-station. The batch function combines several Jobs in one. With Agievision, priorities and sequences can be set fl exibly and changed at any time. Subcontractor count, easy to calculate costs...

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AC Progress VP AC Progress VP2 AC Progress VP3 AC Progress VP4

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14 Versatility For practical workshop requirements and Flexibility Agiegeo Importing and exporting fi les in DXF and IGES. With this software, 2D-geometries can be modifi ed directly on the machine. Graphic machining check Two or three-dimensional presentation of the Job to machine with Grafi check. Machining sequences can be simulated, the feasibility verifi ed and the current state of machining visualised graphically. Agievision Agiegeo PC Pieceditor Autosequence Usersequence Easyrun EDM Cutting geometry Piece description Modes and sequences of job Priority work management Work in process...

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Sequenza automatica senza programmazione 15 Target-oriented data input Automatic generating of machining technologies and sequences with Easywork. It only requires surface quality, geometry, contour tolerance, workpiece material and height, as well as the wire type.

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16 Maximum performance and low energy consumption PCD technology The optional PCD module, produces tooling that sets new standards in edge defi nition, this increases the service life and gives far greater accuracy in form geometry. Many types of PCD can be processed owing to a vast range of on board technologies, be if differing grade or particle size. Intelligent generator Increased EDM output, more powerful electronics, effi ciently controlled EDM process. With IPG-VPC an improvement in the form factor of the pulses and a reduction in the pulse duration are achieved. Technologies for all...

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