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VCE Pro - 2

Swiss design and quality

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VCE Pro - 4

Fixture Ck45 Mechanical engineering + High cutting performance + Precision round-pocket milling + Preset pocket milling cycles make programming on the machine quick and easy Baseplate AlCu4Mg1.5 High-strength aluminum alloy Electronics/mechatronics + High cutting speeds and small tool diameters require high spindle speeds + High-quality surface + Longer tool service life because tool is cooled Motor flange X38CrMoV5 1 High-alloy hot-working steel Mechanical engineering + Thread cutting without compensating chuck + The touch probe was used to automatically align    + machining on the back +...

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VCE Pro - 5

There are no limits to how the Mikron VCE Pro m ­ achines can be used. This one is being used in die and mold construction for smoothing using a r ­ ound-head cutter. Because the Mikron VCE Pro spindle can rotate at 16,000 rpm, the necessary c ­ utting speeds can even be achieved using small tools.

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VCE Pro - 6

The Mikron VCE Pro can be used for any commissioned work Double-arm gripper for quick tool changes Cooling through the tool up to 42 bar Working space illuminated from two sides Tool magazine outside of working area Machining process can be viewed from three sides Side-mounted chip flusher as standard (Mikron VCE 600 to 1400 Pro) The cooling water tank can be rolled out in order to clean beneath the machine Other features Compact construction Optional linear scales Almost any optional extra can be retrofitted Ethernet and USB ports included Mobile handwheel Operating status display...

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VCE Pro - 7

Tool changer with double-arm gripper for even shorter downtimes A side-mounted tool changer with integrated double-arm gripper makes it even easier to change tools. Because the tool changer faces away from the working space, the tools are all well protected. This design, which is free of inter­ fering edges, enables high parts and applications to be m ­ achined on an indexer. Belt-driven spindle 6,000 rpm, 10,000 rpm, 14,000 rpm Inline spindle 16,000 rpm Strong spindles always offer sufficient performance for any conventional machining processes, even up to 350 Nm in the ISO 50 version of...

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VCE Pro - 8

There is still enough room for the clamping elements, even when travel ranges are used to the fullest. Chips effectively flushed away A side-mounted flushing system rinses the chips lying on the enclosure wall outlet directly into the chip conveyor. Spray and compressed-air pistols provide a flexible means of cleaning. Extended usage possibilities thanks to fourth axis A fourth axis connection is included in the Mikron VCE Pro’s electrical cabinet as standard. This means it is easy to fit an indexer at any later stage. Activation is done using para­ meters at the controller. Many...

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VCE Pro - 9

Mikron VCE 800 Pro: a large working space makes it easy to work on voluminous workpieces.

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VCE Pro - 10

Tool Magazines No restrictions on working space accessibility More productivity with larger tool magazines The machining autonomy of the popular VCE Pro line has been greatly increased. Along with the 24-compartment and 30-compartment changers, chain changers with 40 and 60 compartments are now also available. The 40- and 60-compartment chain changers are equipped with a simultaneous tool-fitting feature.

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VCE Pro - 11

Double-arm,    Double-arm, Double-arm,    Double-arm, side-mounted    side-mounted    side-mounted    side-mounted Number of tool ports Tool selection Bidirectional Bidirectional Bidirectional Bidirectional Double-arm, side-mounted

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VCE Pro - 12

Machine Concept Outstanding workpiece quality thanks to exceptional machine concept Lasting quality This machine concept produces a strength and rigidity that permeates the machining center. A generously pro­ portioned cast structure exhibits outstanding damping properties, combined with high stability and rigidity even under full load and in continuous operation. This enables a stable milling process, guaranteeing sustained quality and narrow tolerances on the workpiece. Strong spindle head A broadly supported and strongly designed spindle head facilitates a milling/drilling process...

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VCE Pro - 13

Spectacular performance in conventional and high-speed milling Programmed precision Gone are the days of time-consuming and imprecise m ­ anual adjustments on the coolant inlet. A programmable coolant nozzle directs the jet automatically to precisely where the action is after each tool change (optional). All-around cooling with spray ring Cooling is always guaranteed with the optional spray ring (optional). Cooling through the spindle, 18 or 42 bar Coolant is fed directly to the cutting edges under high p ­ ressure and through the working spindle. The benefits of this are high cutting...

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VCE Pro - 14

This control console does everything Its clearly structured monitoring desk is genuinely user friendly. Fourteen function keys give you direct access to menu functions on, beneath and next to the 15-inch color TFT display. The console pivots and can be adjusted in height, and its screen tilts so you can avoid reflections. Digital drive technology A digital control circuit for the drive motors offers exceptionally dynamic control. This enables precision contour reproduction and excellent service quality. Automatic calculation of cutting data The control software offers a facility for...

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VCE Pro - 15

Efficient working preparation for shorter downtimes The unusual design of this protective enclosure helps o ­ perators to make the important preparations for their work. They can also rely on our popular workpiece and tool measurement options. The Mikron VCE Pro helps you perform basic handling with ease so that you can focus on what is most important. Outstanding view of the workpiece from three sides An excellent window construction on both sliding doors at the front, along with big windows on either side, provides you with an unrestricted view of the setup and machining processes in a...

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