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Transformer Concept with Fanuc six-axis robot

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GF Machining Solutions +GF+ System 3R Transformer Concept with Fanuc six-axis robot

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Tailored to serve your needs

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System 3R offer automation solutions with industrial robots, both stationary and rail versions within the Die & Mold and Precision Production sector. Fanuc solutions covers applications in terms of ... ... transfer weight from 70-700 kg ... radial reach, up to 3 400 mm ... complexed transfer movements ... parts handling • Whatever the Automation requirement, the Fanuc solution can be tailored to serve your needs : customer-specific solutions. • Modern technology & smart technical solutions using standardized modules allow for cost-effective yet flexible Automation • User-friendly cell...

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Scalable Automation – Fanuc Grows with your needs Begin with a single machine and small magazine capacity. Add Add a second machine and a rotary magazine for more capacity.

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Place the Fanuc on rails and add magazine capacity to serve additional machines, or start with a similar solution from the beginning.

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Customer-specific Solutions Tailored to serve your needs Milling application Fanuc 360 – Stationary robot Milling machine Rack magazines Loading/index station Milling application Fanuc 360 on rail Three Milling machines Washing machine Rack magazines Loading/index station 6

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Milling application Fanuc 700 – Stationary robot Milling machine Rack magazines Loading/index station Milling application Fanuc 700 on rail Three Milling machines Rack magazines Loading/index station

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Standardized modules Rotary magazine Large capacity in a small footprint LFT Small loading station One single station for reloading workpieces on pallets or used as a loading station FANUC 70-700 kg transfer weights Rack magazine Full rack magazine or half rack magazine for electrodes or workpieces

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LFT Large loading station Load and unload parts without stopping the Automation cell LFT Rack magazine Full rack magazine Cleaning machine Clean, rinse and dry the workpieces Loading/index station Load and unload parts without stopping the Automation cell

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WSM - WorkShopManager User-friendly Cell Management Software • Necessary data is entered quickly and in a structured manner. • Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain • Increased flexibility: The order of priority can be changed at any time. • Simpler, safer preparation of automated cells • The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimized. • Increased process security

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Preparation – WorkCenter • Create an order • Assign operations and NC programs • Retrieve offset values • Release the order for production Monitoring – CellMonitor Execution – CellManager • Manages the pallet ID codes and magazine positions • Creates priority lists • Automatically starts available jobs in the order of the priority list • Updates the information in the database with the status and machining times of individual orders • Display status of all cells • Display status of individual machines and processes Statistics – WSM Statistics • Retrieve and analyze cell utilization data • Re

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Optimize the uptime of your equipment with our Machine Support services Annual reconditioning minimizes production stops and optimizes function, precision and performance. GF Machining Solutions offers comprehensive services for your Automation, reference systems and masters and calibration tools.

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Preventive maintenance Automation • Mechanics • Pneumatics • Peripheral equipment Reference systems • Rebuilding chucks • Inspecting references • Checking clamping force Masters and calibration tools • Cleaning and polishing • CMM inspection • Quality certificate CE Certification GF Machining Solutions’ Customer Services also offers CE Certification of Conformity for complete Automation cells.

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Technical specifications Fanuc £ )• •-J Fanuc on rail 70/165/210/360/700 Payload Max. C-rotation Stationary cell, max. # of machines Linear cell, max. # of machines Rail type Max. transfer weight (pallet and workpiece) 70 kg, 155 lbs (Fanuc 70) 165 kg, 366 lbs (Fanuc 165) 210 kg, 466 lbs (Fanuc 210) 360 kg, 800 lbs (Fanuc 360) 700 kg, 1555 lbs (Fanuc 700) Accessories LFT half rack magazine, max pallet size    850 x 550 mm    (33.5    x    21.6 in) LFT full rack magazine, max pallet size    850 x 800 mm    (33.5    x    31.5 in) Half rack magazine, max pallet size480 x 400 mm...

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Rail type Standard (only for 70 & 165 versions) * Depending on model/type Fanuc 70 = 1757 mm (69 in) Fanuc 165 = 2081 mm (82 in) Fanuc 210 = 2115 mm (83 in) Fanuc 360 = 2285 mm (90 in) Fanuc 700 = 2565 mm (101 in) ** Depending on model/type Fanuc 70 = 1717 mm (67.6 in) Fanuc 165 = 2322 mm (82 in) Fanuc 210 = 2387 mm (91 in) Fanuc 360 = 2415 mm (95 in) Fanuc 700 = 2810mm (110.6 in) Robot rail Max robot travel, Standard: 20 m (787 in] Max robot travel, Heavy: 30 m (1181 in) Max number of machines Stationary cell: 3 Linear cell: 12

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Rotary LFT half rackHalf rack    Full rack Magazines are available in two basic designs: rack and rotary. Each magazine unit consists of a number of shelves (determined by the height of the workpieces in question). Rotary magazine    Full rack magazine Tooling*    Pos.** Half rack magazine Tooling*    Pos.**    Size in mm (in) Additional shelves Door for loading from behind LFT half rack magazine Other tooling upon request Positions per level Note: The maximum height of the workpiece depends on the number of levels

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