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MILL X 600 U - 32 Pages

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MILL X 600 U

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GF Machining Solutions +GF+ GF Machining Solutions +GF+

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GF Machining Solutions : all about you When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From world-class electrical discharge machines (EDM), Laser texturing and Additive Manufacturing through to first-class Milling and Spindles, Tooling, Automation and software systems — all backed by unrivalled customer service and support — we, through our AgieCharmilles, Microlution, Mikron Mill, Liechti, Step-Tec and System 3R technologies, help you raise your game and increase your competitive edge.

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Market segments and applications    4 Complex parts in perfection    8 High-tech motor Spindles    14 Table variants, Tooling and Automation    18 Chip and mist management    22 Post-processing 3D printed metal parts    24 Since the beginning of high-speed Milling (HSM), GF Machining Solutions has pioneered the development of this technology. The Mikron MILL X series is the result of this continuous development, bringing together the utmost features that make it the reference solution within the industry. The Mikron MILL X solutions are 3- and 5-Axis extreme high-speed Milling solutions for...

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Market segments and applications

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+ Productivity + Dynamic accuracy at fastest processing speed + Fast setup change for flexible production + Sustainable quality in split-batch production Part production with highest productivity and quality

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• Master the challenges of a wide range of applications and short term-market requirements • Go from blank to finished part on the smallest footprint, thanks to a flexible 5-Axis machine and produce your part on one machine in a single clamping Integrated or third-party Automation in smallest footprint Unrivaled accessibility with or without Automation Reliable process due to sophisticated thermal management system Best damping characteristics due to mineral cast machine base Direct linear and rotating drives for highest dynamic process smart machine for precision, protection, time and...

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Complex parts in perfection React fast, drive fast and win the race Flexibility + 24/7 flexible production + Always be able to answer customers' short-notice requests + Change from batch production to express job within minutes Productivity + Fastest 5-Axis HSM precision solution + Ideal machine design with automated 5-Axis machining creates competitive advantages + Reliable system for 24/7 production Fulfill market demands at any time Go from order to finished part just fast

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Generate profit around the clock within limited production time Best practice Express jobs Challenging parts Setup new jobs Batch production Long running parts Less challenging parts Profitability + Complete machining in one setup + Optimal productivity with minimal manpower + Highest autonomous productivity on smallest footprint + Sustainable precision and surface quality + Generate value-added profit 24/7 Competitive cost per part just better 9 smart machine Tuning Machine Options Automation Tooling

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smart machine This includes a range of modules that are collectively referred to under the generic term "smart machine" and that fulfill various functions. In order to make the Milling process "intelligent," various requirements have to be implemented. 1st is establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes available precise information that the operator requires to assess the Milling process. 2nd is supporting the operator in the optimization of the process, which considerably improves the performance. 3rd is the machine optimizing the Milling process, which...

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Simply better results with the smart machine Econowatt Saving energy: an ec ological necessity and an econ omic advantage. M si e a o e n p sure ito and arts men t rin pr g. ecis e Po n Prot wer Fail Protectio res ects aga inst power failu and voltage drops. Safe ty thro ess. ugh a controlled proc gent Thermal Control Intelli C the machine has With IT mal process knowledge. ther atic recalibration. Autom tor Support System Opera lligent system adjusts t inte he The mic behavior exactly as dyna ssary for the workpiece. nece

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Static accuracy Perfect machine design with highest mechanical requirements provides the basis for a high-precision machine. Moreover, GF Machining Solutions spares no effort to implement state-of-the-art components to create the best package for your Milling applications. • Comprehensive and reliable Milling solution for light material parts produciton as a result of machine design, core components and complete process know-how

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Dynamic accuracy Stability, highest dynamic drives and ingenious software are primary prerequisites for maximum productivity and best workpiece quality. + Concrete polymer with high thermal inertia and excellent damping properties + Optimized force distribution within castings + High-precision direct drives and guides for high dynamics and rigidity + Direct path measuring system in the linear and rotative axis + Intelligent software compensation Thermal accuracy The Mikron MILL X series leads precision machining into a new era. Its sophisticated temperature management system comprises...

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High-tech motor Spindles core components Step-Tec _0$>.nCV • Your reliable and stable Milling process is secured, thanks to an ingenious temperature control system Mikron MILL X 400    +    +    +    + Mikron MILL X 400 U    +    +    +    + Mikron MILL X    600 U    +    +    +    +    + OptiCool Step-Tec's OptiCool Spindle series ensures not only that the Spindle remains thermally stable, but that natural heat transfer to the Spindle support (e.g., Z-Axis) is limited to the lowest amount possible, in order to preserve the machine's geometry. Best polar thermal balance around the surface...

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