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MILL S 400 U

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MILL S 400 MILL S 400 U MILL S 500

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Swiss design and quality Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500

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Static and dynamic accuracy 8 High-tech motor Spindle 9 ITM: the breakthrough in workpiece measurement 14 Chip and dust management 17 GF Machining Solutions introduces new reference machines in three-axis and five-axis-models for high-speed milling These vertical high-speed processing centers, which were developed for small and medium series production of high- quality parts, combine the entire technical know-how as well as comprehensive development experience of the Swiss machine manufacturer, GF Machining Solutions. 3 Mikron M ILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U/MILLS 500

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Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500 Applications Pins Steel NimaxUddeholm / 40-45 HRc + Delicate geometries D0.1x16mm + High surface quality Ra 0.1 μm + Smallest workpieces Mold insert Tempered steel 61 HRC 1.2379 Construction of molds and workpieces + Highest surface quality Ra 0.05 μm + High metal removal rate Q=1.215 cm3/min + Highest accuracy when measuring the workpieces thanks to ITM Reflector Böhler M333 50 HRC Automotive + Highest dimensional accuracy + High surface quality Ra 0.1 μm + Most precise track control using OSS extreme Electrode Copper E-Cu 58 Watches and...

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Five-axis simultaneous processing of mold inserts Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500

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Precision and quality for workpiece and mold making as well as production of precise parts Mikron MILL S 400 U Kranbeladung Flexible workpiece automation Machine cover for noise reduction Highperformance machine control Stability and dampening The most important conditions for the highest dynamics, the best workpiece surface quality and precision include the dampening and stability of the machine foundation. Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500 Robust tool Spindle with vector control and ceramic hybrid bearings Direct drive on all axes: X, Y, Z, B, C

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Surface quality Accessible The compact construction provides extraordinary accessibility to all relevant areas of the machining center. + Small installation footprint + Fast part setup + Best accessibility, also for maintenance User friendly The user friendliness of a machining center starts with the control. GF Machining Solutions supplements the Heidenhain c ­ontrol with high-performance smart machine modules such as: + OSS extreme: Process optimization the easy way + ITM: Precision and reliability in the measuring process HSM inside The axes are powered with linear drives for the highest...

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HSM core components: Static and dynamic accuracy Static accuracy Dynamic accuracy Swiss precision Before delivery, every Mikron MILL S machine is subjected to an extensive quality control process according to GF Machining Solutions approval guidelines in our air-conditioned production facility. Position sensor systems All Mikron MILL S machines are equipped with direct s ­ ensor systems in the linear and rotary axes. Quality awareness means added value. Scanning reticle Condenser lens Glass scale Reference mark Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500 Photovoltaic cells Proven...

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High-tech motor Spindle Spindles for demanding processing tasks Whichever machine configuration you choose, with a M ­ ikron MILL S machine you will also receive state-of-the-art Spindle technology. The facts + Vector control for full torque in the lowest range + Highly stable ceramic hybrid Spindle bearing + Spindle jacket cooling using controlled cooling agent circuit for constant temperatures during the entire processing time + Oil/air lubrication system with extraction of used oil + Integrated “smart machine” sensors + Cooling between tool interface and front Spindle bearing with the...

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Table variations As flexible as needed Three-axis models Avoid unproductive times Completely integrated zero-point clamping systems from the manufacturers System 3R and Erowa. Mikron MILL S 400 with clamping chuck + System 3R Dynafix + System 3R GPS + Erowa UPC Extremely dynamic and fast: Rotating and swiveling with direct drives in B and C axes up to 250 min-1 + Extremely accurate and precise: Liquid-cooled motors and absolute measuring systems + Extremely stable and flexible: Hydraulic clamping in the rotatary and swiveling axis plus integrated zero-point clamping system with a B axis...

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HSM core components: Thermal accuracy Thermal accuracy Cooling concept The Mikron MILL S series leads precision machining into a new era. Since high axis feed rates over long periods ­always generate heat in the drive components, the Mikron MILL S series has a sophisticated cooling management system. Each of the linear axes as well as the rotary unit has a s ­eparate cooling circuit. The heat is consistently transferred out of the machine and not distributed further inside the machine. This results in geometric stability which, in turn, ensures extremely high repeat accuracy of the motion...

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12 Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500

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Machining of molds and workpieces 13 Mikron MILL S 400 / MILL S 400 U / MILL S 500

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ITM: the breakthrough in cutting tool measuring Intelligent Tool Measurement (ITM) The ITM cutting tool measuring system records the complete tool tip up to Ø 12 mm on modern image sensors. The digitally recorded cutting tool geometry is digitally cleaned and measured using special software. The idea b ­ ecomes a reality: For the first time, ITM makes possible cutting tool measuring on a Mikron machine with a repeat accuracy in the micrometer range - even after the machining process. Test part with gradually rising Z level. Step by step: 2 μm Orthogonal processing on Z level +1μm above...

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Produce more parts in less time at lower costs Axis travel X, Y, Z: 500 x 450 x 360 mm The pallet magazine is an important plus Taking customer requirements into account, GF Machining Solutions has developed its own compact pallet magazines. The round storage and linear storage pallet magazines can be loaded during operation, and the CNC control is easy to operate. Three-axis models Mikron MILL S 400 System 3R GPS 240 x 240 mm System 3R Macro Magnum Ø 156 mm Thanks to a standardized robot interface, the Mikron MILL S series can be operated with robot systems from well known suppliers....

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