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MILL P 900 - 24 Pages

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MILL P 900

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GF Machining Solutions : all about you When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From world-class electrical discharge machines (EDM), Laser texturing and Additive Manufacturing through to first-class Milling and Spindles, Tooling, Automation and software systems — all backed by unrivalled customer service and support — we, through our AgieCharmilles, Microlution, Mikron Mill, Liechti, Step-Tec and System 3R technologies, help you raise your game and increase your competitive edge.

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Market segments and applications    4 High-tech motor Spindles    11 Automation with pallet magazine    16 The vertical, three-axis Mikron MILL P 900 is designed in a robust, portal structure with high static stiffness. It guarantees high quality parts for mold-makers in information and communications technology (ICT), automotive, home appliances and consumer goods, with the benefit of real roughing and finishing performance on the same machine. This high-performance machine serves customers looking for best quality and very high positioning and contour accuracy, mainly in the production of...

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Market segments and applications Information and communications technology (ICT) Electronic components

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Home appliances General machinery

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+ Best surface finish + Accuracy + High chip removal + Outstanding efficiency

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Performant, stable and precise process thanks to a symmetrical portal architecture allowing roughing and finishing in one machine setup. Integrated Automation and chip management to accelerate your productivity and efficiency. Best surface quality and high positioning and contour accuracy, thanks to this high-performance machine's polymer concrete base, thermal management and direct measuring on all axes. + Polymer concrete machine base for best damping characteristics + Thermostabilized machine body + Renowned and stable Fanuc control + High-performance Spindle + Ergonomic accessibility +...

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MILL P 900 core components Robust construction With its robust portal structure featuring high dynamic stiffness, this solution is especially designed for mold and die and part producers looking for best surface quality and very high positioning and contour accuracy. Fifty-year legacy of machine design expertise

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Stable accuracy Experience the high precision that comes from longterm stability and robustness-even in hard Milling. This machine's symetrical portal design, polymer concrete structure and high thermostability are your foundation for precision. • Thermostabilized body • Cooling system for Spindle • Thermal-controlled drive motors • Temperature-controlled coolant • Cooling loop inside table Power at your fingertip Experience the power of real roughing and finishing performance on a single machine. This machine range's one-touch process puts them both at your fingertip.

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smart machine The new dimension in modern production smart machine construction kit system Each of the modules fulfills a specific task. Just like in a c ­ onstruction kit, the user can select the modules that seem to him to be the best option for improving his process. 1st Establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes available precise infor­ mation that the operator requires to assess the Milling process. 2nd Supporting the operator in the optimization of the process, ­ which considerably improves the performance. 3rd The machine optimizing the Milling...

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High-tech motor Spindles Best surface finish for both roughing and finishing The high-performance Spindles from Step-Tec are designed to do heavy roughing and Milling to best surface finish all in one. With a bearing design with three preloaded hybrid ball bearings in the front and a thermally robust hybrid cylindrical roller bearing on the back, you are guaranteed a super-rigid rotating system that enables Milling with extra-long tools reaching into deep cavities. Ramp up your chip removal, thanks the feed rates made possible by this solution’s absorption of high Milling forces at the tool...

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Tool magazines Choice of solutions to meet your needs Tool magazine for every need • Disc-type or chain magazine • Capacity of up to 60 tools with a magazine internal to the machine’s standard footprint • Touch probe orientation • Ergonomic and user friendly • Ensure productivity and process reliability • Parallel machining and tool loading • Easy tool loading possibilities thanks to an ergonomic tool loading d

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Chip management Wet or dry -clean machining Customer benefits • Optimum chip flow to steep and smooth cabin walls • Wash-down nozzles for all corners to prevent chip accumulation • Large and strong chip augers to transport high volume of chips Adapted chip management • Solution for high-volume aluminum Milling chips with slat band lift-up chip conveyor and coolant unit with fine filtration • Solution for high-volume steel Milling chips with scraper lift-up chip conveyor and coolant filtration unit Options • Through-Spindle coolant • Wash-down system • Coolant thermal control • Oil skimmer

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Automation with pallet magazine Lower your costs, increase productivity with Automation 1041.5/41.00’’ Take your productivity to new levels while reducing your costs with our superior Automation solution. The Pallet Magazine generously dimensioned door allows optimum pallet access for loading light parts by hand and heavy parts by crane. Larger windows allow a good view into the pallet area, and pallets are managed by using the machine control. Pallet Automation Pallet changing time Ergonomic door design for easy loading of parts up to 200 kg

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