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Mikron MILL X 400 / 400 U - 24 Pages

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Mikron MILL X 400 / 400 U

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Swiss design and quality Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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Machine concept and feed axes 8 High-tech motor Spindle 10 GF Machining Solutions introduces new reference machines in three-axis and five-axis-models for ultra- high-speed Milling Based on the concept of the current MILL S series, GF Machining Solutions' engineers have developed two new machine models that represent an optimal answer to all aspects of three-axis and five-axis ultra-high-speed milling. The MILL X series is designed for highest productivity thanks to unique dynamics and reliability. For the required construction measures, the focus is on the machine bed, the cooling, the...

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Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U Applications Medical component Stainless alloy + Reliable process + Precision + Surface quality Aerospace structural part Aluminium + Reliable in tolerances + Smoth transitions + Short cycle time Closed impeller Aluminium + Short cycle time + Dimensional accuracy + Requires precise, dynamic interaction of all axes + Very large swivel angle possible ICT enclosure part Aluminium + Short cycle time + Warp-free machining + Burr free Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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Simultaneous five-axis machining Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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Dynamics and quality for the productive machining of high quality parts in smalland medium-sized series production Mikron MILL X 400 U Crane loading Machine cover for noise reduction Flexible workpiece automation Highperformance machine control Robust Spindle with vector control and ceramic hybrid bearings Direct drive on all axes: X, Y, Z, B, C Production-ready work area with good chip flow Stability and dampening The most important conditions for the highest dynamics, the best workpiece surface quality and precision include the dampening and stability of the machine foundation. Mikron...

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Surface quality A firm grasp on our processes The smart machine modules made by GF Machining Solutions further increase the productivity of the MILL X series. Operator Support System (OSS) extreme OSS increases its productivity with up to 23 percent faster processing time as well as improved surface quality and precision. + Time saved during three-axis milling due to higher jerk Automation Optimal variations for your production needs + Small installation footprint + Integrated automation + Flexible tool magaines HSM inside The axes are powered with linear drives for the highest speed and...

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Basic machine and feed axes A dynamic and reliable process for your production 3 µm Gray cast iron 0.2 Polymer concrete with high thermal inertia as well as e ­ xcellent dampening properties. The pyramid-shaped construction guarantees both an o ­ ptimally static and dynamic distribution of mass as well as perfect support of the machining forces. The closed O-shaped structure is excellently suited for A ­ utomation solutions by GF Machining Solutions and other manufacturers. Chip management: A great deal of attention has been paid to the flow of chips. The steep incline of the chrome steel...

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HSM-core competencies: Thermal accuracy Static accuracy, Swiss precision Before delivery, every Mikron MILL X machine is subjected to an extensive quality control process according to GF Machining Solutions approval guidelines in our air-conditioned production site. Quality awareness means added value. Dynamic accuracy: position sensor systems All Mikron MILL X machines are intentionally equipped with direct position systems in the linear and rotary axes. + Proven Heidenhain accuracy + Resolution in nanometer range + Protected with air purge system Thermal accuracy cooling concept The...

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High-tech motor Spindle Spindles for demanding processing tasks Whichever machine configuration you choose, with a M ­ ikron MILL X machine you will also receive state-of-theart Spindle technology from Step-Tec AG. The facts + Vector control for full torque in the lowest range + Highly stable ceramic hybrid Spindle bearing + Spindle shell cooling using controlled cooling agent circuit for constant temperatures during the entire processing time + Oil-air lubrication system with extraction of consumed oil + Integrated “smart machine” sensors + Cooling between tool interface and front Spindle...

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Tool magazine Optimal variations, adjusted for your production needs Tool Automation in every expansion stage + Single- or double-row disk magazine + Reliable “pick-up” changing system + Feed monitoring using light beam + Capacity of up to 68 tools with magazines integrated in the basic machine + Alignment of the measuring probe User-friendly workpiece loading Productivity and process reliability are guaranteed thanks to the workpiece loading on the side. + Simultaneous processing and loading + Easy feed monitoring due to large glass window + Ergonomic access Optionally available with a...

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Productivity with pinpoint accuracy 12 Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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13 Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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Workpiece clamping Integrated pallet clamping ­systems Avoid unproductive times Completely integrated reference clamping systems by S ­ystem 3R in standard models, versions with media f ­ eed-through as well as Tooling on request. Mikron MILL X 400 U Five-axis models Extremely dynamic and fast: turning and swiveling with direct drives in B and C axes up to 250 min-1 + Extremely accurate and precise: liquid-cooled motors and absolute measuring systems + Extremely stable and mobile: Hydraulic clamping in the rotatary and swivel axis plus integrated reference clamping system with a B-axis...

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15 Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U

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Customer-specific solutions: more parts in less time at lower costs From the pallet magazine to the robot system GF Machining Solutions has developed a fully integrated pallet magazine as a standard product. With a standardized robot interface, the Mikron MILL X type series can be operated with the robot systems of well known suppliers. 16 Mikron MILL X 400 / MILL X 400 U No matter what type of handling system is used, the accessibility of the machine remains outstanding. Together with the modular tool magazines, the compact Milling center becomes a highly productive and flexible production...

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