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MIKRON HSM 200 LP HSM 200U LP - 24 Pages

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Swiss design and quality

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Chip and dust management 16 The high-speed reference in the 3-axis and 5-axis range. The HSM 200(U] LP series has been designed for the highest precision and surface quality. These vertical high-speed machining centers are therefore offered for both tool and mold-making and the production They incorporate the full technical competence of the Swiss machine manufacturer.

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Applications Complex parts Various materials Watch-making industry / micro mechanics + Form and position accuracy + Extremely small geometries + Part-specific handling systems Electrodes Tungsten-copper / graphite Tool and mold-making + Surface quality + Dimensional accuracy + Very small geometric features Prostheses and implants Titanium / CoCr Medical technology + Powerful torque + 5-axis simultaneous machining + Perfect surfaces and working accuracy Fluidics Aluminum Automobile industry + 5-axis simultaneous machining + Shortest machining time + Excellent surface quality Reflectors...

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Perfect 5-axis machining without restriction.

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Precision and quality for tooland mold-making, as well as exact parts production Mikron HSM 200 LP / 200U LP Table design as 3 axes (Mikron HSM 200 LP) 5 axes (Mikron HSM 200U LP) Robust tool spindle with 50,000 rpm Minimal distance from laser to workpiece Tool magazine with 30 or 60 tools Suction Machine hood for thermal and acoustic insulation High-performance machine control Automatic table clamping chuck with optional media feedthrough Chip tray Machine base made of polymer concrete with 3-point assembly APS (Advanced Process System) PFP (Power Fail Protection) ITC (Intelligent Thermal...

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For uncompromising demands. Dynamics and precision brought together in one unit. Short power flow, short tolerance chain With high-speed milling machines, most important pre­ requisites for very high precision and surface quality are damping and the stability of the machine structure. The revolutionary axis concept of the HSM 200(U) LP therefore consists of the following: + Polymer concrete machine base with strong damping properties and heavy static weight + Optimized force application and transmission within a slide construction + Linear axes with recirculating roller guides 35 mm wide...

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Table variants As flexible as required Automatic zero-point clamping system for pallets Options for automatic zero-point clamping systems for customized parts Watch plates Automatically changeable collets Fully automatic production of small batches Avoid unproductive periods during the production of small batches through Automated changing of pallets or pallet-bound, part-specific zero­ point clamping systems + Automated changing of customerspecific individual parts through the employment of part-specific, zero­ oint clamping systems p A solution for all automation projects Wide selection...

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Core components: Static and dynamic precision Static precision Dynamic precision Swiss thoroughness Prior to delivery, each Mikron HSM LP machine undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection in our air-conditioned assembly hall according to GF Machining Solutions acceptance guidelines. Position sensor systems All Mikron HSM 200(U) LP machines are equipped with d ­ irect position sensor systems in the linear and rotary axes as standard. Resolution in the nanometer range Protected by sealing air Scanning reticle Condenser lens Reference mark Glass scale Grating period Photovoltaic cells

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Core components: Thermal precision and component precision Thermal precision Component precision Cooling concept and reserve capacity The Mikron HSM 200(U) LP range leads precision machining into a new era. Sophisticated cooling management for heat discharge of the electrical drive groups. Micro machining made easy The workpiece and tool measuring systems are especially suited for micro machining. All linear axes and the circular-swivel unit feature a separate cooling circuit. Low tactile forces allow for damagefree and highly precise measurement of geometric features + Precision laser...

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Automation Interfaces Customer-specific solutions – More parts in less time at lower costs Increased profitability is indispensable today. With flexible solutions, GF Machining Solutions makes a big contribution toward reaching this goal. For example with a shelf and a robot that changes the pallets in the Mikron HSM 200(U) LP. There are practically no limits to its flexibility.

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Loading and unloading is performed through automated side doors. 47 pallet slots 3R GPS 120 chuck system 3R GPS 120 pallet system without media transfer Loading station/material lock FANUC LR Mate 200i-D robot Other chuck systems - 3R GPS 70 system - Erowa ITS

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50,000 rpm HSK E-32 High torque up to 20,000 rpm Low spindle heating increases working accuracy Highly stable double-ceramic hybrid bearings in an “O” configuration for very high radial capacity and rigidity during machining Contact-free 3-chamber labyrinth seal for optimum sealing of the spindle nose Vector control for full torque in the lower speed range Oil/air lubrication system with extraction of the consumed oil Very short acceleration time – 2 seconds from 0 to 50,000 rpm Thread cutting without compensating chuck in steel up to M6 (CK45) Tool spindles for demanding machining With a...

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Tool magazine Tailored to your needs Tool storage in many configurations + Disk magazine with 30, 60 or 140 tool positions + Reliable and extremely quick double-gripper change system + Chip-to-chip in 4.4 seconds + Secure orientation of the measuring sensor through a firmly assigned magazine space Productivity and process safety + User-friendly tool feeding + Simple feed monitoring through a large glass panel + Secure access even during full automation + Feeding during machining possible 140 Double-gripper change system

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Chip and dust management Clean work area Customer requirements Cutting lubricant (Combination) Configuration Autonomous chip volume Minimal quantity Small lubrication (MQL) + Air blow off external / dry Dust extraction Chip management Chip drawer with closed bottom part Minimal quantity Small lubrication (MQL) + Air blow off external / dry Coolant tank 80 l Chip drawer with water-permeable bottom part and integrated fine filter Dust extraction with a suction performance of 1,900 m3 / h + Chip drawer with closed top layer Band filter unit 400 l with chip container + Chip drawer with opened...

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