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Mikron HPM 450 U - 20 Pages

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Mikron HPM 450 U

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Swiss design and quality

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MIKRON HPM 450U - the solution for automated production The MIKRON HPM 450U is a powerful 5-axis solution for universal, automated production which perfectly combines dynamics and stability. Apart from the compact basic machine, also available for the MIKRON HPM 450U system are a pair of highly efficient milling spindles, a wide range of tool changer pallets ideal for customisation to suit customer requirements, as well as tried and tested optional pallet magazines. In addition, this machine offers im- pressive machining options from simple drilling to complex simultaneous 5-side to 5-axis...

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Universal parts range... Propeller blade Bronze Boat industry + 5-axis simultaneous machining in one clamping operation + High surface quality + High spindle speed Bone rasp Special alloy Medical technology + High-performance milling of high-alloy materials + Workpiece automation possible Fan housing Aluminium Household + 5-axis machining in positioning mode + Large removal volume + Highly accurate positioning + Flexible production Cylinder head Aluminium alloy Motor sport + Complete machining in one clamping operation + Combined positioning/simultaneous machining in 5 axes + High...

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The standard version of the round swivelling table is ideally suited to the machining of workpieces in multiple clamping devices.

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The MIKRON HPM 450U is easily adapted to suit customer requirements Flexible workpiece automation Steep cab walls guarantee chips fall away easily Crane loading Crane loading High-performance tool spindles Magazines with small footprint hold up to 220 tools Unique access and view of machining and workpiece Laser tool measurement protected from workspace Versatile, adjustable torque round swivelling table Software modules for efficient, controlled working 6 MIKRON machining centres are distinguished by their exceptional ergonomics. The MIKRON HPM 450U is a winner thanks to unbeaten...

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Ergonomic, effortlessly accessible, clear insight Enthusiasm in the workplace can be bought! Due to its ­ c­essibility and view on the workpiece, the a c M ­ IKRON HPM 450U is the most valuable asset for helping employees of any company to be even more efficient. Impressive design - ergonomic protective cabine enclosure with large windows ensures excellent illumination and an optimal view to the machining process + Elaborated working area design prevents a built up of chips + Heavy workpieces can be easily loaded by crane + Abrasion-resistant screens and the rotating viewing window ensure...

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Automatic workpiece magazine enables unmanned production The pallet magazine proves its superiority With the MIKRON HPM 450U, automatic production is e ­ nsured by the low-cost integration of the pallet magazine. Supplemented with the modular tool magazine, the compact milling center becomes a highly productive and ­flexible manufacturing cell. Tool magazine The tool magazine is structured as a circular hanging shelf. Therefore it is almost arbitrarily scalable. 120, 170 and 220 tool positions are available as standard. Separation of the central gripper from the transfer ­handling results...

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High-tech spindles Tool spindles for demanding machining 12‘000 min-1 For conventional tool technologies and programs: ISO 40 spindle taper Infinitely variable speed range - no slump in performance Set up with internal coolant supply for use in production Acceleration and braking time: 1 second each Ceramic hybrid bearing with lifetime lubrication 20‘000 min-1 For machining a wide variety of materials: Air through spindle (option) HSK-A63 spindle taper Infinitely variable speed range - no slump in performance Set up with internal coolant supply for use in production High retention powers...

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Table variations Clamping workpieces, powerful and precise Directly driven rotary and tilting axes The MIKRON HPM 450U is most suitable for 5-axis simultaneous HPC machining (High Performance Milling). The A and B-axis are driven by torque motors. 5-side/axis machining in one set-up 5-axis machining offers considerable advantages for large and small components. By means of 5-axis technology it is possible to machine a wide variety of shapes and surfaces in one chucking. Most suitable for 5-sided, 5-axispositioning and up to 5-axis contour machining Rotary tilting table available as pallet...

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The large tilting range of the MIKRON HPM 450U rotary tilting table enables 5-sided complete machining in one chucking.

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Tool magazine Standard and increased ­demands Magazines integrated into the machine base Compact tool housing Thanks to various tool magazine sizes, customer requirements can be met individually with the MIKRON HPM 450U - from single piece production to the mass production of complex workpieces. Rapid tool changing and set-up times Tool loading made easy: good accessibility at all times, even during machining + Small footprint External magazine for up to 220 tools 120 170 220 Optional + Laser tool measurement + Tool blow-off device 120, 170, 220 tools (HSK-A63) 12 MIKRON HPM 450U

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Circular magazine design with handling system for 120, 170 or 220 tools.

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Tailor-made equipment Minimal quantities of cooling lubricant required Mist extraction Chip extraction for more demanding jobs Belt filter system High performance Belt filter system Basic Internal coolant infeed Laser tool measurement Infra-red measuring sensor 40.00-TX/RX Rotating inspection window Signal lamp Other options: + Increased accuracy + Scratch-resistant inspection windows + Robot interface + Extended guarantee + Spindle oil extraction with vacuum pump Pallets Air through spindle/spindle slots smart machine

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smart machine The new dimension in modern production Bringing intelligence into the milling process is the i ­ ntended aim of “smart machine”. This includes a range of modules that are collectively r ­eferred to under the generic term “smart machine” and that fulfil various functions. In order to make the milling process “intelligent”, various requirements have to be ­implemented. First of all, establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes precise information that the operator requires to assess the milling process available to him. Secondly, supporting the...

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