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LASER 4000 5Ax - 8 Pages

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LASER 4000 5Ax

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CLEAN AND fully digitized process

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GF AgieCharmilles’ revolutionary LASER 4000 5Ax allows automotive color and trim studios and product and interior design centers to take differentiation to new and higher levels. The machine makes mastering the most complex textures on even the biggest molds an infinitely repeatable, clean and fully digitized process. As the largest and most affordable Laser texturing machine on the market, the LASER 4000 5Ax opens new design and differentiation horizons for bumpers, instrument and door panels, central consoles, airbag covers and headlights. Due to the unique new architectural concept of...

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Extra-large capacity Extra-large capacity handles the biggest molds The LASER 4000 5Ax, the biggest laser texturing solution on the market, enables highly accurate texturing of even the largest workpieces. Thanks to the extra-large, 4 x 3 x 1.5 meter capacity of the LASER 4000 5Ax, your distinct textures can easily be applied to oversize molds for end products like truck and auto bumpers, instrument and door panels, central consoles, airbag covers, and headlights, aircraft and luxury yacht interiors, home appliances and big-screen TVs, as well as casting molds and forging tools. It is ideal...

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Yields extreme accuracy Extreme accuracy, ultra-fine detail Engineered and built in Switzerland by GF AgieCharmilles — a pioneer in precision machining — the LASER 4000 5Ax expertly textures your workpiece surface with ultra-fine detail at a depth, for example, of 0.3 mm on steel. Moreover, multilayer textures are easily applied by the LASER 4000 5Ax. Linear scales on all linear axes and rotary axis with precise encoders ensure highest accuracy without sacrificing flexibility. From the texture you conceive to a bitmap image to the finely detailed result on your workpiece, the LASER 4000 5Ax...

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A versatile texturing solution Fully digitized process for infinite repeatability Versatility : laser mask removing and direct texturing Texturing with the LASER 4000 5Ax begins with a digital bitmap/grayscale file that you have created in Photoshop or derived from a natural surface by reverse engineering via 3D scanner. The included software package, shared with our Laser portfolio, allows you to merge a virtual workpiece with a virtual texture and preview the final design, so guesswork is eliminated and what you see onscreen is what you get. Plus, our smart mapping solution manages random...

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A continuum of Customer Services A continuum of Customer Services Productivity, availability of equipment and continuous improvement are essential drivers for your business. Our Customer Services package offers a life cycle of support customizable to your particular needs, which are at the heart of everything we do. Customer Services provides three levels of support  : • Operations Support offers the complete range of original wear parts and certified consumables including wires, filters, electrodes, resin and many other materials. • Machine Support includes spare parts, technical support...

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Achieve more We commit to a promise. That promise is “ Achieve more ”. It’s a commitment to create the right conditions for our customers to obtain competitive results. When our customers win, we win. We enable our customers to run their businesses efficiently and effectively by offering innovative Milling, EDM, Laser and Automation solutions. A comprehensive package of Customer Services completes our proposition. © Agie Charmilles SA, 2012 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and are subject to change. Achieve more...

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