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HSM Precision

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At GF AgieCharmilles, we know that precision is not an approximation. From robust product design to the leading edge features aimed at eliminating error and saving you time and energy, our micro components fabrication solutions exceed expectations and lay the foundation for repeatable success. 2

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Applications 4 Highlights Contents 6 Automated processes 10 Results 12 Customer service 13 About GF AgieCharmilles 14 Micro components have revolutionized the world and GF AgieCharmilles is optimizing the its fabrication with expertise, strategies and embedded technologies that pave the way to more cost-effective, high-volume fabrication while maintaining intricacy, quality, repeatability, and dimensional stability. MIKRON HSM 400 LP Precision Best-in-class productivity for micro components In a highly competitive global market, ambition alone is not enough to drive success. Maximum success...

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Expert solutions for precision mass production. The right partner. The right solutions. Right now. Applications Part material Machining depth Cavities size Number of cavities Pitching accuracy Graphite 0.7 mm 1.2 mm x 2.9 mm 288 cavities ± 1.5 mm Part material Roughness Copper Ra 0.03 mm Part material Roughness Elmax tool steel Ra 0.02 mm Medical technology Watch movements MICROLight emitting diodes HSC micro precision milling of LED mold punches 4

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Intelligent tool management D= 0.196 mm Digital cleaning L = 106.357 mm -APPLICATIONS Automotive Measuring industry Electronics 5 Aerospace Integrated circuits

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Built with selected machine elements in minimal tolerances Highlights Crane loading Flexible workpiece automation High-performance machine control Machine hood for thermal and acoustic insulation Robust precision engineered tool spindle with vector control and ceramic hybrid bearings Direct drives on all axes for short strokes Crane loading possible Side window Polymer-concrete machine bed with high damping properties The MIKRON HSM LP Precision series is impressive with the unrivalled accessibility of all machines in the series, regardless of their particular configuration. 6

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Individually fine-tuned for the highest level of precision Tighter tolerances on intricate parts As micro components become increasingly smaller, so does the margin for error in fabrication. GF AgieCharmilles’ Milling production boasts perfect positioning, making the production of intricate parts possible even at high volumes. Despite extremely precise cutting on the workpiece the machine still demonstrates full high-speed-cutting characteristics: 42 m/min of maximum rapid feed rate 0.7 g of maximum acceleration of each axis. Individually fine-tuned smart machine modules OSS Precision The...

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Expert solutions for micro component mass production 9

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GF AgieCharmilles has developed its own fully integrable pallet magazines with customer needs in mind. This turns the compact milling center into a highly productive and flexible manufacturing cell. Thermo-Lock technology strongly reduces the thermal flow of the tool spindle into the measuring probe. Any residual thermal drift of the measuring probe is electronically compensated in order to guarantee accurate coordinate pick-up. nge e n cha ang rk let ptio l ch Wo terru Pal Too in Displacement [mm] ITC Precision -0 -20 Machine A -40 Machine B -60 -80 2 4 6 8 10 Time [h] 12 ITC Precision...

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Integrated solutions High-volume production Unparalleled surface finish and respect for detail are hallmarks of The dynamic control of the tool path and highly accurate incremental repo- sitioning ability of 0.1 um leaves you with a clean, perfect workpiece dimensional stability The extraordinary dimensional stabi- lity offered by GF AgieCharmilles' solutions for micro components pro- duction ensures your successful fabrication of thousands or even milli- ons of miniscule components with complex geometries for high value micro components. GF AgieCharmilles' micro compo- nents strategy...

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The manufacturing of high precision micro components requires a step above the current state of customer care Customer service GFAC offers valuable service activities on customer site. Application • Understanding the challenge of machining micro components • Know-how to operate the MIKRON HSM 400/500 LP Precision machine tool and make optimal use of all the precision adding functions on the machine tool • Awareness of process parameters like environment temperature, work-piece setup, tool choice and measuring, tool path or warm up strategy on surface accuracy and surface texture as well as...

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About GF AgieCharmilles Milling High-Speed and High-Performance Milling Centers In terms of cutting speed, HSM centers are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines. Greater accuracy and a better surface finish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use. One essential advantage of HSM is that with systematic integration, the process chain can be significantly shortened. HSM has developed alongside EDM into one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. EDM Electric Discharge Machines EDM can be...

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259.805.162 Contact © Agie Charmilles SA, 2011 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and are subject to change. Achieve more...

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