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HSM 800 LP - 32 Pages

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HSM 800 LP

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High-speed milling - universal approach to mold-making and production

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Interface for automation systems 20 4 6 8 Table versions Basic machine Feed axes Based on the concept of the present HSM series, GF AgieCharmilles engineers have developed three new machine models which represent Tool magazine Chip and Dust management Option: ProdMod optimal answers to all aspects of 3-axis and 5-axis high-speed milling needs. The HSM LP series (LP = Linear Performance) were designed for ultimate precision and supreme surface quality. The necessary design measures focus on the machine bed, cooling, axis drives, motion control and tool measurement. GF AgieCharmilles presents...

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MIKRON HSM 400 LP MIKRON HSM 500 LP MIKRON HSM 600 LP MIKRON HSM 800 LP Watch components MIKRON HSM 400 LP Different materials Watch making industry/ micromechanics • Shape accuracy • Smallest geometries • Parts-specific handling systems Graphite electrode MIKRON HSM 600 LP Graphite Mold making • High contour accuracy • Efficient graphite machining Electrode MIKRON HSM 400 LP Tungsten-copper Tool and mold manufacturing • High surface quality • Shape accuracy • Very small geometry features Ball screw drive Linear direct drive Die MIKRON HSM 800 LP Alloyed tool steel Tool and mold making •...

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Impeller MIKRON HSM 600U LP Titanium Automobile industry • 5-axis simultaneous machining • High vibration damping • Strong cutting ability MedTech MIKRON HSM 400U LP Titanium / CoCr Medical technology • Adequate spindle performance • Process stability • 5-axis simultaneous machining 24/7 • Greatly improved tool life Tire mold MIKRON HSM 600U LP Aluminium Automobile industry • 5-axis simultaneous machining • High feed rates • Thin-walled geometries Casting mold MIKRON HSM 400U LP Alloyed tool steel Tool and mold making • High surface quality • 5-axis simultaneous machining of thread with...

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Precision and quality for tool- and mold-making as well as accurate part manufacturing MIKRON HSM 400U LP Crane loading Machine hood for thermal and acoustic insulation Flexible workpiece automation Highperformance machine control Robust tool spindle with vector control and ceramic hybrid bearings Direct drives on all axes: X, Y, Z, B, C Stability and damping Primary prerequisites for maximum precision and best workpiece surface quality include damping and stability of the components: • Monolithic design • Highly stable portal construction • Machine base of mineral cast with high damping...

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The MIKRON HSM LP series impresses with the unrivalled accessibility, regardless of their particular configuration MIKRON HSM 600U LP Crane loading Highperformance machine control Robust tool spindle with vector control and ceramic hybrid bearings Direct drives on all axes: X, Y, Z, B, C Flexible workpiece automation Ergonomics and process reliability …are key features of this machine series: • Equally accessible in all upgrade levels thanks to workpiece automation via the portal • Excellent view into the workspace • Access to the workpiece from three sides • Crane loading • Side window to...

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Table versions Machine tool size Travel X, Y, Z: 500 x 450 x 360 mm MIKRON HSM 500 LP Greatly reduces unproductive times Fully integrated zero-point clamping systems from manufacturers System 3R and Erowa. Machine tool size Travel X, Y, Z: 600/800 x 600 x 500 mm MIKRON HSM 400 LP with chuck • System 3R Dynafix • System 3R GPS • Erowa UPC • Extremely dynamic and fast: Rotation and swivelling with direct drives in the B and C axis up to 250 min-1 • Extremely accurate and precise: Liquid-cooled motors and absolute measuring systems • Extremely stable and flexible: hydraulic clamping in the...

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Basic machine Polymer concrete The polymer concrete features high thermal inertia and excellent damping properties. 3 mm Grey cast iron Moving slides The weight and rigidity of the cross slide are optimised to stand up to the high dynamic requirements. Pyramidal construction The pyramidal structure ensures both optimal dynamic to static mass distribution and a perfect distribution of cutting forces. Closed structure The O-shaped portal is outstandingly suitable for automation solutions by GF AgieCharmilles or other manufacturers.

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Reconciling dynamics and precision Feed axis Dynamics and precision Mechanical drive systems have a basic disadvantage: a loss of precision must be accepted to achieve a highly dynamic configuration. This effect is not relevant for customers in auxiliary motions such as tool changing or axial positioning. An HSC machine changes the situation: During cutting control, high dynamics must be combined with great precision. This is where the linear direct drive shows all its advantages. Central oil lubrication Linear direct drive • Short setting time • No oversteering through drive play and...

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HSC core components: Static and dynamic precision Static precision Dynamic precision Swiss thoroughness Before delivery, every MIKRON HSM LP machine undergoes an extensive quality check in our air-conditioned assembly hall in accordance with GF AgieCharmilles acceptance guidelines. Quality-consciousness means added value. Path measurement systems Direct path measurement systems in the linear and rotational axis are standard equipment on all MIKRON HSM LP machines. • Tried and tested Heidenhain precision • Resolution in the nanometer range • Protected by sealing air Scanning reticle...

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HSC core components: Thermal precision Thermal precision Cooling concept The MIKRON HSM LP series ushers in a new era of precision cutting. Since high axis feeds over long periods always heat the drive assemblies, the MIKRON HSM LP series beats the problem with an ingenious cooling management system. Each of the linear axis as well as the circular swivel unit have their own cooling cycles. The heat is therefore systematically led out of the machine instead of being distributed inside it. This safe- guards geometric stability, which in turn ensures extremely high motion control...

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