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HPM 800U

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Table Variants Chip Management the universal production of high- quality parts with 3, 4 or 5 axes. State-of-the-art motor spindles, directly driven circular and swivelling axes and stable construction provide the ideal conditions for economical and accurate machining with modern The machines are designed for use in the field of fully automated and simultaneous HPM (High Performance Machining).

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Broad range of parts... Forging die for crankshaft Alloyed steel for tools. Automotive industry • Material that is difficult to remove • Heavy tools • Molding accuracy • Outstanding machine stability • High-performance spindles Bevel gear wheel Hard machining Gear • High stability and precision • Very good surface qualities • Absolute process consistency • Achieved quality Q3 • Run out <6μm Impellers Aluminum Power generation • Dynamic 5 axis simultaneous processing • Quick and efficient control • Highly efficient at heavy roughing • Rapid finishing operations • Ø 660mm Machining time 6h20...

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The MIKRON HPM 600U and HPM 800U can be used for anything from heavy roughing to precise finishing operations Extremely compact construction Dual drive in the Y-axis for dynamics and stability Fully protective cabin for clean working conditions Stainless steel axis covers All axes with direct measuring systems Oil spray extraction for cleaner air Double-walled safety door with large window All tools clearly visible at all times Scratch-resistant safety glass Dynamic and stable. Circular swivelling table with water-cooled direct drives. Increased stability for maximum tool life with 3 axis...

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Stability and damping Primary prerequisites for maximum precision and best workpiece surface quality include damping and stability of the components. Digital Heidenhain control system With the latest generation of the Heidenhain iTNC 530 and a clearly laid out operator desk, the MIKRON HPM 600U and HPM 800U are process-consistent and user-friendly machining centers: Ergonomics The doors can be opened out wide to enable unrestricted access to the working area. The viewing screen of glass offer a unrestricted view of the machining process. Whatever options the MIKRON HPM is fitted with,...

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Automation with pallet changer Automated pallet handling. The accessibility to the work piece is always ideal. The MIKRON HPM600U and MIKRON HPM 800U machines have been designed in view of automated pallet handling. As the pallet changing system is integrated in the machine itself, the accessibility to the working room is always perfect, with or without automation. In the loading station the raw parts will be set up on the pallet, while the machine is machining the work piece on the other pallet. This greatly increases the productivity of the machine. With the pallet changer the...

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Automation with pallet magazine Automated pallet handling. The accessibility to the work piece is always ideal. To increase the autonomy, there are very compact pallet magazines available which can be loaded with up to 12 pallets with optimal ergonomics. With every automation solution the pallets can be loaded up to 500 kg. From 30 to 200 tools can be selected in different expansion stages. Multiple workpieces in the pallet magazine require multiple tools. The 3 pallet dimensions are available with thread holes. Additionally, the sizes 500 x 630 mm and 500 x 500 mm come with T-slots....

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Table variants Tischvarianten Four different work tables Rundschwenktisch mit T-Nuten-Tischplatte Four different work tables Popular with users because of their outstanding flexibility and accessibility. Smaller parts can be effortlessly loaded and manually secured in place on the 100% simultaneously operable, circular swivelling table. Highlights • Direct and easily accessible measuring systems • A and C axis with water-cooled direct drives • A axis has clamps on both sides • C axis with clamps • Loads: Vertical 800 kg (3 axis oper.) Simultaneous 500 kg (5 axis oper.) Work table 121°...

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Chip Tischvarianten management Optimum chip clearance due to steep, smooth cabin walls ...and unrestricted mit Rundschwenktisch access to the working area T-Nuten-Tischplatte Washer jets in all four corners prevent chip accumulation Two chip conveyors for large chip volumes High-performance chip conveyor Practical chip cart Machines with chip conveyor and band filter (optional) form a compact unit

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Hightech Spindles Tool spindles for demanding machining Whichever machine configuration you choose, with a MIKRON HPM you get the most state-of-the-art tool spindle technology: vector control for full torque in the lower speed range, highly stable ceramic hybrid spindle bearing, and spindle casing cooling using a controlled coolant system for consistent temperatures for the entire duration of the work. smart machine APS (Advanced Processing System) for reliable measuring and display of milling vibrations and ITC (Intelligent Thermal Control) for higher workpiece precision. The complexly...

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Tool magazine Rapid tool provision All tools visible Tools are visible through a window on the front of the magazine. Damaged tools can be quickly identified and replaced. If tools are required on other machines, you can see straight away where each tool is. Smooth and swift The magazine chain (60 tools) is moved and positioned by a controlled drive. The tools therefore glide swiftly and smoothly to the changing position. This means that tools can be made available much more quickly. Vibrations that could have a negative impact on the milling process are also prevented. HSK A63 • 80/140 mm...

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The MIKRON HPM 600U and the MIKRON HPM 800U are geared up for a multitude of options. They can be simply and optimally configured Infrared touch probe Laser measuring system Minimum quantity cooling lubrication Trough-spindle cooling External coolant supply Flushing nozzles system Rinsing pistol Band filter system Mist extraction Automatic cabin roof Rotating viewing window Signal light smart machine

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