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HPM 1150U

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High performance milling versus high speed milling - the one cannot replace the other! While with high speed milling the objective is to create as much surface on the workpiece as possible in the shortest possible time the objective of high performance milling is to remove as much material as possible as quickly as possible.

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Tool magazine smart machine The basic machine A hightech spindle The MIKRON HPM (high performance milling) series of machine is characterised by the following special performance features: Very stable basic machines A thermo-symmetrical structure Powerful motor driven spindles Directly-driven circular / and swivel axes High loading weights Optimal chip flow Direct measuring system on all axes. Scraped support surfaces on the linear guides for absolute geometrical accuracy The MIKRON HPM machines are designed for universal production of high quality parts. The very latest motor driven...

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A broad spectrum of parts can be machined using HPM Turbines and compressor discs Extreme high temperature resistant tough steels Aerospace • High stability and precision • Very good surface quality • Absolute process security Suspension Aluminium alloy Car racing • High concentricity • 5-axis simultaneous machining • Precise bores at various angles Bevel gear wheel Hard machining Transmission • High stability and precision • Very good surface quality • Absolute process security • Quality achieved: Q3 Picture above: Escape doors for a small aircraft Picture below: A plastic injection mold

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MIKRON HPM Use for machining operations ranging from heavy rough machining to precise finish machining MIKRON HPM 1150U Loading: up to 1.1 t MIKRON HPM 1350U Standard rotary table up to 1.6 t Pallet table up to 1.5 t Pallet magazine for workpieces up to 1 ton in weight The A and C axes can be clamped together for rough machining. This increases tool life The work table and the loading stations allow optimal access A swiveling control unit simplifies controlling and monitoring of the process A one-piece machine bed made out of a casting Two loading stations. The pallets can be manually...

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Unusual levels of access MIKRON machining centers are characterised by extraordinary ergonomics. The HPM series of machines engenders confidence based on the unparalleled levels of access offered, independent of the respective configuration of the machine.

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Ergonomics and the working space Rundschwenktisch mit T-Nuten-Tischplatte Accessibility Tischvarianten The MIKRON HPM model series is universal • Predestined for machining operations involving the highest material cutting forces • Both swivel and rotary axes can be clamped • The tool life of the tools is extended by the high stability • The water cooling for the table drive guarantees reliable high precision over long machining times. Highlights • Direct measuring system • Water cooling • C-axis with clamping • A high loading weight A pallet table in the pallet magazine Pallets 1000 mm in...

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The long Y-axis also allows workpieces with a large diameter to be machined.

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A well thought-through Rundschwenktisch mit basic design for maximum rigidity T-Nuten-Tischplatte The basic Tischvarianten machine The swivelling head. A water-cooled direct drive with the measuring system on the swivel axis. The A-axis can be clamped on both sides in all positions for maximum rigidity. The MIKRON HPM 1150U and 1350U are built on the moving column principle. Precision sustainability is guaranteed during the whole machining process due to the thermo-symmetrical structure used. A symmetrical table without an overhang leads machining forces directly away also during heavy...

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Constant machining in the HPC area: Core components of high tech motor-driven spindles High tech spindle Tools spindles for demanding machining operations Whichever machine configuration you choose you will always obtain the latest tools spindles with your MIKRON HPM machine. Tool spindle technology. • A high torque 15,000 rpm ISO-B40 / HSK-A63 The ideal spindle for universal use • For high spindle speeds of 24,000 rpm HSK-A63 An oil-air lubrication system with suction removal of the used oil. Optimal for machining materials which should be machined at the highest cutting speeds or for...

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Tool magazine Tischvarianten The tools are loaded on the side of the machine in the tool magazine. The tool magazine has its own operating panel in order to call up the desired tool. No tool is needed to remove and load the tool holder. The tools can be loaded and unloaded using this unlocking system Tool change takes place using a double gripper.

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Simple monitoring of horizontal machining Ergonomics Tischvarianten The operating panel is swivelled from the machine front to the side window or in near the tool magazine in order to be able to monitor the machining process also for horizontal machining.

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Our machines are prepared for a large number of options. They can be configured simply and optimally The infrared measuring Laser tool measurement Minimum quantity Motor-driven spindle for sensor lubrication and cooling 60,000 rpm Internal tool cooling A belt filter plant Suction removal of mist A rotating viewing window A control unit from A control unit from SIEMENS

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The new dimension in modern production smart machine Bringing intelligence into the milling process is the intended aim of "smart machine". This includes a range of modules that are collectively referred to under the generic term "smart machine" and that fulfil various functions. In order to make the milling process "intelligent", various requirements have to be implemented. First of all, establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes precise information that the operator requires to assess the milling process available to him. Secondly, supporting the...

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High-Speed and High-Performance Milling Centers In terms of cutting speed, HSM centers are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines. Greater accuracy and a better surface finish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use. One essential advantage of HSM is that with systematic integration, the process chain can be significantly shortened. HSM has developed alongside EDM into one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. Electric Discharge Machines EDM can be used to machine conductive...

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