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High Speed Milling (HSM) MIKRON XSM400 400U - 20 Pages

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High Speed Milling (HSM) MIKRON XSM400 400U

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The new reference machines in the 3, 4 and 5-axis field for ultra-high speed milling: MIKRON XSM 400 and MIKRON XSM 400U. Quality and productivity with the highest dynamics and accuracy - the new XSM series sets new milestones in HSC production. 2

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Content Applications Highlights Automation 4 6-7 8 Table variations 12 High-tech spindles 14 MIKRON XSM 400, XSM 400U 3 Tool magazine 15 Options 16 smart machine 17 About GF AgieCharmilles 18

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Applications Economical production of complex and valuable components… Bone plate Injection mold Mold making steel Electronics industry • Cost-effective combination of HSC and EDM • High cutting volume • High contouring accuracy Austenitic steel Medical technology • Machining of high-alloyed steel • 5-axis simultaneous machining • Complete machining in one clamping position Blow mold Injection mold Mold making steel Electronics industry • Machining of deep cavities with large L/D ratio • Tool diameter min. 0.2 mm • Micro-machining of small details Aluminum Packaging industry • High surface...

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Highlights New dimensions in production through the highest dynamics and accuracy Outstanding view of the machining process Effortless crane loading Effortless crane loading Efficient chip management Flexible workpiece automation High performance machine control Machine control High performance latest generation computer numerical control unit. The iTNC 530 from Heidenhain is a versatile, flexible workshop-oriented machine control, which takes all requirements into account. 6 • Efficient shop-level programming or external, machine-independent program generation • Parallel programming, free...

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Ergonomics and process reliability Safety and accessibility know no compromises. • Unaltered accessibility in any configuration • Outstanding view of the working area • Access from 3 sides through opening a single free-moving door also for crane loading • Side windows for optimum supervision of the machining processes Accuracy What use is speed if accuracy suffers? Precision as standard: • High static and dynamic rigidity • Absolute glass scales on all axes with a resolution of 0.02 μ guarantee an incomparable contour accuracy • Water cooling of all heat sources • Temperature compensation...

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e to Automation Even more productive due to automation For the best possible efficiency, GF AgieCharmilles Milling has developed its own pallet magazine, which can be adapted to all standardized palletization systems ex factory. System 3R Dynafix 280 x 280 mm The pallet magazine can be loaded during operation, and can be very simply operated using the CNC control. In this way automatic production is ensured. GPS 240 x 240 mm Advantages of automation: • Repetitive machining is executed without interruption in multi-shift operation. • The machine's efficiency is increased with consequently...

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MIKRON XSM 400, XSM 400U Achieve more...

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Table variations Process-oriented workpiece clamping the integrated automation interface Main features Pivoting angle of 220° (+110°/-110°) max. tilt speed: 165 min-1 Rotation angle up to n x 360° Max. rotary speed: 250 min-1 Max. payload: 25 kg 5-axis simultaneous machining real team work Perfect coordination of all the elements involved in 5-axis simultaneous machining to achieve the goals of extremely high speed machining: • Direct drive with "Torque" motor • Direct measuring of the angle positions by optical rotary encoder • Hydraulic clamping devices • Liquid cooling • Integrated zero...

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Complete machining in one clamping position due to 5-axis milling ensures productivity and workpiece accuracy 13

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High-tech spindles Constant HSC-operations with smallest tools require a powerful high-speed spindle Choice of spindle The XSM 400 and XSM 400U offer a wide range of motor spindles for any application in the high speed field. The finely graduated pallet extends up to a 54,000 min-1 spindle for machining with the smallest tools and spindle drive powers up to 13 kW. The facts • Spindles with vector control • Ceramic hybrid ball bearings • Oil/air lubrication system with extraction of the used oil • Integrated water cooling • Integrated "smart machine" sensor technology Motor spindles HSK-E40,...

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Tool magazine Customized solutions for your production Tool automation in any configuration • Single or double-row disk-type magazine • Reliable “Pick-up” change system • Loading control by a beam of light • Capacity of up to 68 tools • Tool length of up to 200 mm • Tool diameter of up to Ø 65 mm • Workpiece weight of up to 2 kg Obtainable installation sizes: HSK-E32: 20; 40 tools HSK-E40: 18; 36; 68 tools Double-row HSK-E40 magazine with a capacity of 68 tools User-friendly tool loading Productivity and process reliability are guaranteed due to the side tool loading • Simultaneous...

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Options Customized equipment Lift-up conveyor Touch probe Cooling lubricant device Mobile hand wheel Indicator lamp Rotating clear screen Scratch-resistant viewing glass smart machine (see 3 and 4 operating mode Belt filter unit Further options: • • • • • • • • 16 Chip chute Spiral conveyor Chip flushing HP lift-up conveyor Working area wash out Mist extraction system Dust extraction Interfaces to external robot

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smart machine The new dimension in modern production Bringing intelligence into the milling process is the intended aim of "smart machine". This includes a range of modules that are collectively referred to under the generic term "smart machine" and that fulfil various functions. In order to make the milling process "intelligent", various requirements have to be implemented. First of all, establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes precise information that the operator requires to assess the milling process available to him. Secondly, supporting the...

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