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High Speed Machining Centers MIKRON HSM 600 ProdMod - 20 Pages

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High Speed Machining Centers MIKRON HSM 600 ProdMod

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2 MIKRON HSM 600 ProdMod Performance at the service of productivity. The ideal equipment for the automated production of machined parts using 3-axis high speed machining. With its MIKRON HSM ProdMod series of machines, GF AgieCharmilles offers the best HSC technology adapted to production needs. These machining centers reach incredible, dynamic performance that allows for optimal machining conditions as well as maximum productivity. Both the flexibility and the ergonomics of the MIKRON HSM series ensure that it is a new standard for automated vertical machining centers. An efficient...

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3 Content Applications 4 Highlights 6-7 Automation 8-9 Table variations 12-13 High-tech spindles 14 Tool magazines 15 Options 16 smart machine 17 Product range GF AgieCharmilles 18 MIKRON HSM 600U ProdMod Flexibility at all levels. The universal, highly capable solution for machining work pieces on 5 sides. MIKRON HSM 800 ProdMod Efficient, large-volume machining. A good balance between dynamic axes and a spacious workspace.

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Compressor wheel for turbo charger Aluminium Automotive industry • 5 axes simultaneous machining • High number of revs per minute • High material removal rate Aircraft integral part Titanium alloy Aerospace industry • Machining from solid • High material removal rate • Multiple parts setup 4 Applications High-Speed Production Tool insert holder Head treatable steel Tool construction • Production of machined parts using 5 axes • Limited tolerances • Series production with high quality parts Aircraft integral part Titanium alloy Aerospace industry • Machining from solid • High material...

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6 Highlights High-tec equipment Other highlights • Chip conveyor for each application • Unique access and optimal view of the work piece Operating status indicator Work piece automation Tool automation High performance spindle Rotary swivel table with direct drive Mikron machining centers are characterised by their unusual ergonomics. The MIKRON HSM ProdMod machines stand out due to an unrivalled accessibility, regardless of the respective configuration of the machine. Workspace flushing The most up-to-date control, programming appropriate to the workshop Mobile hand wheel

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7 Tool storage for up to 220 tools • Tool storage varying in size with choice of 75, 120, 170 or 200 tool capacity • Less than 2 seconds to change tools • Less than 10 seconds needed to prepare tools • Tool dimensions up to 160 mm in diameter, up to 270 mm long • Tool weight up to 6 kg Chip conveyor for each application The chip conveyor concept has a modular design and is individually adjustable so that large volumes of chips and refined chips like nail chips, break chips, floating bending light alloy chips and even shaving particles can reliably be collected. A belt filtration unit is...

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8 Automation More parts in a shorter time - produced at a lower cost The disc-type magazine - the fully integrated solution for diverse industrial standards • Rotary 7 or 9 pallet storage • Up to 80 kg load • system 3R Dynafix (280 x 280 mm) • system 3R GPS 240 (240 x 240 mm) • Erowa UPC (320 x 320 mm) The linear magazine - the universal automation for heavy work pieces • Linear 4 pallet storage • Up to 800 kg load • Pallet size 600 x 600 mm • Pallet size 800 x 600 mm MIKRON HSM 600U ProdMod with system 3R workmaster robot system

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9 Interface for external robot An example of lateral work piece automation of the Mikron HSM Prod- Mod using a robot. Owing to the standardised robot interface the MIKRON HSM ProdMod can be equipped with a robot system by well-known suppliers. Fully integrated pallet changer A pallet clamping chuck is available with integrated zero point chuck parts. These components allow fully automated production owing to the custom-made pallet changers. The economic solution for your complete work piece automation. Pallet management directly via the machine controls • Best cost-benefit ratio •...

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12 Table variations Clamp your work pieces firmly and precisely Work table with zero point clamping system Pallets with tapping holes pattern On this casting pallet 100 mm pattern tapping holes M12 are cut on a ground surface. The pallets are available in the following standard sizes: • 600 x 600 mm • 800 x 600 mm

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13 Work table with integrated clamping systems Owing to the palletisation systems the changeover time on the machine is dramatically reduced. The equipment therefore does what it was created for - producing. While the machine works, the next job is prepared, with ease, precisely and at the right time. • Integrated hydraulic lifting unit • Zero point clamping systems Rotary swivel table with direct drive The tremendously quick rotary swivel table with direct drive enables HSC simulataneous working on all 5 axes. The rigidly designed L-shaped construction offers unbeatable process reliability...

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14 High-tec spindles Dynamic power packages - high-frequency spindles Through spindle coolant This optional equipment carries coolant with a pressure of up to 70 bar to the cutting edge and offers longer tool life, higher rotation speeds, better peck-drilling and pocketing in hidden sectors, as well as shorter cycle times. smart machine inside Since the high-speed spindle is closest during the machining process, it is best suited to monitor the work process. The spindles contain a complete set of sensors, which, thanks to the manifold supply of smart machine modules, makes the milling...

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15 Tool magazine Tools compactly stored ATC tool magazine for HSK-A63 and HSK-E50 The tool storage device is built as a circular hanger. It is thus almost completely scalable. As a standard, there are 75, 120, 170 or 220 tool positions. The central gripper is separated from the delivery mechanism so that a short wait occurs when switching. Thanks to a "double tool handling", changeover times under 2 seconds can be attained. From clamp to clamp it takes about 5 seconds. It is loaded from outside through a convenient sluice door. Circularly arranged magazine with a handling system for 75,...

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