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High Performance Machining Centers MIKRON HPM 600 HD - 21 Pages

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High Performance Machining Centers  MIKRON HPM 600 HD

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2 The MIKRON HPM 600 HD three-axis machining center from GF AgieCharmilles is, due to its strong and robust construction, particularly well suited to machining in the HPM (High Performance Milling) field. The MIKRON HPM 600 HD is designed, due to its modular construction, for all application areas from prototyping, to tool and mold making, to fully automated production; this is due to the large number of options and their compatibility. A choice of several automation options is available, as well as various swarf removal and coolant processing systems, and high-performance tool spindles....

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3 Content Applications 4 Highlights 6-7 Automation 8-9 Table variations 12 Chip management 13 High-tech spindles 14 Tool magazine 15 Options 16 smart machine 17 About GF AgieCharmilles 18 MIKRON HPM 600 HD For efficient High Performance Milling

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The stable and robust construction of the MIKRON HPM 600 HD enables unlimited HPC machining (High Performance Cutting). Due to the tremendous spindle performance, a high material removal rate is guaranteed. Light alloy component Aluminum Aircraft industry • Large chip volume • High spindle performance • High spindle speed • Shape and position accuracy • Reproducibility 4 Applications Wide range of parts - many application areas Forging die for crankshaft Alloyed tool steel Automotive industry • Difficult to cut material • Heavy workpieces • Contouring accuracy • High machine stability •...

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6 Highlights The MIKRON HPM 600 HD can be turned optimally to the customer's requirements The outstanding feature of MIKRON machining centers is their exceptional ergonomics. What is impressive about the HPM HD series is its unrivalled accessibility, which is not dependent on the machine's configuration. Raised machine tray High-performance tool spindle Flexible workpiece automation Effortless crane loading Effortless crane loading Large panes of glass give a clear view Integrated magazine for up to 60 tools

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7 Ergonomics The two light, waist-high doors that close above the corner, can be opened at a distance by the operator and enable free access to the working area. Large panes of glass give a clear view of the machining process. Regardless of which options the MIKRON HPM 600 HD is equipped with, perfect accessibility can always be taken for granted. The work table, pallet and tool magazine, as well as the swarf removal system can be reached just as easily as the maintenance units. The work table and pallet magazine can of course be loaded using the crane. Heidenhain digital control system The...

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8 Automation Automatic workpiece change unit enables unmanned production

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9 We recommend: RNS (Remote Notification System). These and other smart machine modules ensure still more flexibility and process reliability in the production of high-quality components. The pallet changer shows its superiority Automatic production is ensured by the cost-effective integration of the pallet changer on the three-axis MIKRON HPM HD series. Retrofitted with the new modular tool changer, the compact milling center becomes a highly productive and flexible manufacturing cell. • Repetitive machining is executed without interruption in multi-shift operation. • The machine's...

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Achieve more... MIKRON HPM 600 HD

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12 Table variations 3-axis machining at its best Work table with T-slots On the MIKRON HPM 600 HD there is an ideal division of torque between the workpiece and the tool. Simple loading and set-up of workpieces is ensured. The heavily ribbed cast iron work table offers robust and universal clamping solutions. The axial (axially parallel to X) arranged T-slots enable diverse workpieces to be mounted. The generously sized table enables an additional workpiece to be manually loaded in addition to the automatically changed pallet. For simple manual loading of workpieces, a table with parallel...

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13 Chip management Versatile solutions for many different sorts of applications The accumulation of chips in the working area can consistently be avoided. With sophisticated detailed engineering of the raised machine tray, chip build-ups are avoided and the accrued chips are reliably and economically separated from the cooling lubricant and disposed of. There are various construction variations available for this. • Chip chute for dry processing and manual chip removal • Spiral chip conveyor • Reservoir with 2 chip drawers • Lift-up chip conveyor for unmanned production • Oil separator •...

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14 High-tech spindles Tool spindles for demanding machining The scope of supply includes: MIKRON Smart Machine APS (Advanced Processing System) module for reliable measuring and display of milling vibrations, and ITC (Intelligent Thermal Control) for higher workpiece precision. Whichever machine configuration you choose, with a MIKRON HPM 600 HD you get the most up-to-date tool spindle technology: vector control for full torque in the lower speed range, highly stable ceramic hybrid spindle bearing, and spindle casing cooling using a controlled coolant system for consistent temperatures for...

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15 Tool magazine Compact storage for tools The new HPM HD series also wants for nothing with regard to tool quantities. The customer can choose between the two solutions integrated into the machine for either 30 or 60 tools. The side-mounted magazines optimally protect the tools from pollution, and can be equipped at the same time. Tool changer with double arm gripper for still shorter non-productive time Due to the double arm gripper, short tool change times of 2 seconds can be achieved. The double arm gripper can be used both with the 60-position, and with the 30-position tool magazine....

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16 Options The machines are geared up for a multitude of options. In this way, they can be simply and optimally configured Tool measuring probe system Mobile hand wheel 3+4 operating mode Minimum quantity of cooling lubricant Lift-up chip conveyor Scratch-resistant viewing glass Basic belt filter unit Infrared touch probe High performance belt filter unit smart machine module Laser tool measurement Spray gun Rotating clear screen Indicating lamp Further options: • Cooling lubricant container with 2 chip baskets • Spiral chip conveyor • TSC production device • Oil separator • Mist extraction...

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