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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 2

To acquire a Mikron machining centre, the leadingspecialist for cutting applications, is an investment in the future. The combination of maximising techno- logical progress, machine performance, quality andsupport services ensures the very best solution. Thepioneer role in high-performance machining and in spindle technology is proof itself: at Mikron you arebuying high-quality products. >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 3

HPM 1850U with pallet changer HPM 1850U HPM 1350 HPM 1350U HPM 1150U >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 4

High performance milling versus high speed milling one is not a substitute for the other! While high speed milling aims to machine complex 3D surfaces in the shortest possi- ble time, high performance milling is a process designed fora high material removal rate. HPM 1150UHPM 1350UHPM 1350 These are the most important performance characteristics towhich Mikron devoted most time throughout the development of the HPM machine series. It is precisely these criteriawhich make high performance milling stand out and indeedembody HPM. Mikron developed the HPM (high performance milling)machine range...

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 5

H igh P erformance C utting H igh S peed C utting Concentration of operation proceduresReduction of investmentsHigh chip removal rateDepth of cut (ap)Large width of cut (ae)High feed per tooth (fz)Rigid constructionDirect drive of the rotary axes Direct drive of the swivel axes Low cutting forceHighest quality surface Large surface in a short timeHigh cutting speed (vc)Increased feed rate (vg) Increased tool rotating speed (fn)fast and dynamicHigh spindel speeds Direct drive rotary and swivel axes >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 6

Due to the thermally stable construction, precision isguaranteed throughout the whole machining process. The HPM 1150U, 1350 and 1350U machines are built on a travelling column design. The result is the optimum massdistribution of the Y-axis this guarantees continuous precision. Two level linear guides in the X-axis.Maximum stability and torsional rigidity even during heavy loads with the highest lead distance. Symmetrical table construction without overhang groundsthe machining force ֖ even during heavy loads. 4 >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 7

The machine design has been completely calculated and simulated with FEM programs in respect to higher strength and stability. The solid machine base is the result of many years ofdevelopmental know-how, and is made out of one piececasting and stands on 3 feet.This enables quick installation of the machine.The largest workpieces with the smallest machinedimensions this is HPM. 5 >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 8

A robust construction with dynamic axes is the basis for theeconomical use of state-of-the-art cutting tools. Due to the rigidity of the machine, vibrations can bedrastically reduced. This makes it possible to significantly re- duce the tooling costs. These are requirements which make for long-term economical and precise production.On HPM machines, all round and swivelling axes are directlydriven. Their high acceleration reduces the production timeduring multiaxial operations. This type of drive guaranteesoptimum results during simultaneous machining.During rough machining processes these...

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 9

All rotary and swivel axes of the HPM line machining cen-ters are equipped with water cooled direct drives. This means unrestricted operation times in production and si- multaneous machining. The maintenance of gears and beltsis no longer required. To achieve the maximum rigidity during rough machiningprocesses, the tables are equipped with a hydraulic clampingsystem that does not wear out. The measuring system is accessible without removing the table top. > The HPM 1350 angletable with a size of 1425 x 875 mm The HPM 1150U rotary table with a diameter of 1000 mm The HPM 1350U rotary table...

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 10

3016а > 895 30 765 The HPM 1150U and the HPM 1350U both have a largespindle swivelling range of 136. This allows rear cutting during horizontal and vertical machining processes. Given that the tool center in a horizontal position can bemoved down to 30 mm over the table surface, workpieces do not need to be clamped on supports. As such, considerably larger workpieces can be machined on5-axes Ж workpieces with a diameter up to 1400 mm. Thanks to the particularly long Y-axes, the HPM machinesare ready for machining operations requiring long tools e.g. deep horizontal bores. 8 >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 11

Tool changer HPM 1350Tool changer HPM 1150U / 1350U Large bulky workpieces can be simply be loaded with a crane. During the horizontal machining process, the operator always has excellent tool visibilityas well. With a separate operator control panel the tool changer can be operated quickly and easily. The universal one with a high torque 15000 min > -1 with 193 Nm and 38 kW / HSK A63 / ISO B40The perfect spindle for universal operations For high speeds 24Ғ000 min > -1 with 75 Nm and 30 kW / HSK A63Ideal for using materials which have to be machined withhigh cutting speeds or for tools with...

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 12

Engine partsCasting dies > None was morestable duringselectionӔ Mold productionMechanical engineeringGeneral mechanics > Modelmaking Precision is a natural outcomeӔ None offers more dynamics in this performance classӔ > General mechanics, mold making, engine manufacturing Molds General mechanics Things we used to rework on several machines can now be finished on one.Ӕ Due to the long travel of the Y-axis it is possible to drill deep holes in large workpieces as wellӔ >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 13

Tool measurement with laser Infrared touch-probe Rotating inspection window in the front doors Rotating inspection window in the side window Minimum quantity lubrication Increased accuracy Chip conveyor side ejection Chip conveyor front ejection Heidenhain controlSiemens control smart machine >

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High Performance Machine (HPM) Brochure - 16

Tool magazine from 45 to over 200 tools.Innovative design of the Z-axis. 300kg lighter than a cast iron slide but with the same stability and improvedvibration absorption. The pallets can be lowered for the loading and unloadingprocess. A platform is not required saving a lot of space. For optimised access to the workpiece, the pallet can berotated manually. 14 >

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