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THE GF AgieCharmilles CUSTOMER NEWSPAPER 02 «Move Your IMAGE», P. Schiller, Switzerland. ENGLISH EDITION DEAR READERS, You will recall that at the 2007 World Exhibition of Machine Tools in Hanover we handed out our new customer magazine «Results today». This was also an opportunity for GF AgieCharmilles – as a unied brand in new clothes – to present the interested public with an impressive product exhibition for the rst time. 4-5 A plaster cast from the patient is the basis for nish-milled dental bridges. In this edition of «Results today» we again introduce you to some of our customers, who have put their trust in our innovative and leading products for some time now. 6-7 A mold insert was used as a feasibility study for efcient use of EDM and milling. 10-11 High-speed milling produced the mirror nish surfaces on a mold insert. 12-13 With GF AgieCharmilles die sinking EDM machines it was possible to attain a surface quality of Ra 0.5 μm in deep grooves. 14-15 Automated milling for precise series production of housing parts. AUTOMATION SOLUTION ENABLES INTEGRATION OF MILLING AND EDM Automation found its way to the level of machine tools long ago. The range of options stretches from the simple tool changer to linking machine tools to complex assembly lines. At the same time, a clear trend towards the integration of Automation@GF AgieCharmilles are not empty words but a reality – a combination of cutting-edge technology and know-how in one. Our automation cell design, which seamlessly combines GF AgieCharmilles EDM and milling technology with System 3R tooling, is unique. Here we introduce you to automation in words and images and you can view the equipment itself in Switzerland (Schaffhausen). Come and visit us and experience «live» the benets of our automation solutions designed to meet your needs. Are you already a member of our GF AgieCharmilles Privilege Club ? If not, then it is time to join so that you can benet from the many interesting offers of our After Sales Service. Find out more in this edition of «Results today». We look forward to seeing you at one of the many trade fairs during the 2008 season. Kind regards, Dr. Jürg Krebser, CEO GF AgieCharmilles various production processes can be seen. Achieve more...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 INTEGRATION OF MACHINE TOOLS Concept Cell reliably combines several machining processes. It offers a reliable link between high-speed milling of graphite electrodes on a MIKRON HSM 300, die sinking EDM of mold cavities on an FO 350 S and the manufacture of production parts by ve-axis high-speed milling on a MIKRON HSM 400U and wire electrode discharge machining on an AC Challenge V2. Today, the scope of automation goes beyond individual production processes. As could recently be seen at the 2007 World Exhibition of Machine Tools, successful automation...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 AUTOMATION FOR EFFICIENCY AND SUCCESS Automation@GF AgieCharmilles. Every environment requires detailed and appropriate examination. Every investment in the future must take into account demands of the market and company objectives and, at the same time, be realistic. Automation@GF AgieCharmilles describes an integrated portfolio of products and services with the aim of making our customers more efcient and more successful. The rst step towards automation – assuming consistently working with reference systems, – requires organizational measures in the...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 MILLING CUSTOMER | PRODUKTIONSTEKNIK EVERY DENTAL IMPLANT IS UNIQUELY MACHINED Lund in Sweden is the head ofce of the recently founded Produktionsteknik i Lund AB company, which has specialized in the production of dental implant bridges using GF AgieCharmilles high-speed milling machines. New developments in the dental industry make the use of ve-axis machining essential. ONE-TO-ONE COPYING OF DENTAL BRIDGES WITH FIVE-AXIS MACHINING In 2003 Jacob Fornander and Ulf Lepik founded Produktionsteknik i Lund AB with the idea of becoming independent using...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 MILLING CUSTOMER | PRODUKTIONSTEKNIK The two founders of the company, Jacob Fornander and Ulf Lepik inspect a new dental bridge plaster cast. It normally takes a week to complete the process from the patient’s plaster cast via a synthetic prototype from the dental laboratory to the pre-machined dental bridge, before the dental technician can t the patient’s implant and screw it in. THE COMPANY PRODUKTIONSTEKNIK I LUND AB KEYWORD HEIDENHAIN ITNC 530 CONTROL SYSTEM Modern high-speed milling machines often have four or ve simultaneous axes for continuous...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 EDM+MILLING CUSTOMER | WEIDMÜLLER AN INTELLIGENT COMBINATION OF EDM AND HSC Weidmüller is the leading provider of solutions for current linkage, transmission and conditioning of power, signals and data in the industrial environment. Its tool shop in Detmold is exclusively responsible for preparing the tools for the production of these components. Weidmüller advocates the combination of high-speed milling, die sinking and wire EDM as precision production methods. BEST TOOLS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE LIFE CYCLE DIE SINKING EDM WITH POTENTIAL FOR IMPROVEMENT...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 EDM+MILLING CUSTOMER | WEIDMÜLLER Ralf Runte, Head of die-sinking EDM and milling and Uwe Fiene, Head of mechanical production present the mold insert for a terminal block. THE COMPANY WEIDMÜLLER INTERFACE GMBH & CO. KG The graphite electrode is produced using KEYWORD EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION high-speed milling with a MIKRON HSM 300, operated by a handling system that has 200 variably veri able tool magazine places both for workpieces and for tools. Up until now the graphite roughing and nishing electrode was used for die sinking Uwe Fiene, Head of...

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GF AgieCharmilles | Results today | 02 ported by a solid mineral composite machine base with a net weight of 5700 kg. The enormous static mass is one of the success factors of each MIKRON HPM machine. REDUCING NON-PRODUCTIVE TIME There is a choice of several automation possibilities for the MIKRON HPM 600 HD – from the proven MIKRON pallet magazine to robot assembly by well-known manufacturers. The automation solutions optionally available from MIKRON enable efcient machine use around the clock. The result is a signicant reduction in down time and non-productive time and consequently high...

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