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FORM 2000 VHP/ FORM 3000 VHP


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FORM 2000 VHP/ FORM 3000 VHP - 2

FORM 2000 and FORM 3000 for highest precision in complex applications Mastery of the working temperature Temperature environment is often subjected to a fluctuation, some time related to the environment or related to the equipment itself. In the interests of maximum thermal stability GFAC has been able mastered these fluctuation to allow ultimate stability whatever the production rate. Thermo Control : the system for unmatched precision under workshop conditions The new, sophisticated and unique system compensates temperature variations. Temperature stabilization is achieved by cooling the...

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FORM 2000 VHP/ FORM 3000 VHP - 3

Technical Data Weight total Max. electrode weight/on C axis Dielectric unit capacity Filtration capacity Wear free ED machining with graphite electrode High speed Z axis Maximum speed and acceleration Perfect positional machining The positioning when you make very accurate application is the base of the so called accurate machine. But when this accuracy is espected all along a mass production process, it’s important to have the control of it. GFAC is able to master this accuracy either on one single cavity or on several cavities offering a powerfull and productfull tools. Machine body...

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FORM 2000 VHP/ FORM 3000 VHP - 4

Achieve more We commit to a promise. That promise is “ Achieve more ”. It’s a commitment to create the right conditions for our customers to obtain competitive results. When our customers win, we win. We enable our customers to run their businesses efficiently and effectively by offering innovative Milling, EDM, Laser and Automation solutions. A comprehensive package of Customer Services completes our proposition. © Agie Charmilles SA, 2013 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and are subject to change. Achieve more...

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