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FORM 200 Sp/ FORM 300 Sp - 20 Pages

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FORM 200 Sp/ FORM 300 Sp

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< Productivity at its highest level

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Productivity and performance High machining speed Speed Finishing AC FORM HMI FORM 200 Sp Transformation of axis speed and spark control into a productivity increase Systems EXPERT Mechanics Customization GF AgieCharmilles

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Take pole position GF AgieCharmilles accelerates   you to pole position A veritable concentration of innovation and technology, the Speed Edition range indeed merits its name. By giving you the opportunity to greatly increase your useful machining time, the new FORM 200 Sp/300 Sp machines allow you to take pole position in your markets. • Z-axis motion speed up to 15 m/min * (49.2 ft/min)* • Acceleration up to 10 m/s2 * (32.8 ft/s²)* • Faster, more economical finishing settings • New management algorithm for translation orbits (TRANS-EXPERT) • Autonomous cell management, combining...

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High machining speed A profitable choice This technological choice from GF AgieCharmilles, in comparison to linear motors, facilitates evacuation of particles in cavities, thanks to the pulsation speed, without flushing and without deformation of the cavity. Unprecedented performance The increase in Z-axis motion speed, and its extremely high acceleration, brings a performance increase of approximately 30 percent for medium to deep rib machining. This is a distinct plus for applications such as connector technology, ribs or micro machining. For machining deep ribs, high pulsation rates for...

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Speed Finishing Supremely consistent fast surface finishing << Reduced or eliminate   costly hand polishing For finishing settings, FORM 200 Sp/300 Sp machines score critical points. Detailed precision is observed, thanks to reduced wear rate, preserving electrode geometry. « Fast finishing » allows fine, even polished, surface finishes to be obtained (Ra < 0.3 μm), with unequalled consistency on large and small surfaces. In the majority of cases, costly and delicate manual polishing operations are reduced, or eliminated. Comparative test with/without fast finishing module Ra µm 0.9 0.8...

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Faster control, in complete security Dynamic manufacturing process The development of AC FORM human-machine interface (HMI) is based on a study carried out with numerous mold makers in order to streamline the mold-making technique. The organization and layout of screens are a direct development of the information taken from this study. This user-friendliness, which has made GF AgieCharmilles interfaces so successful, has not only been maintained but has been developed even further to benefit the mold maker’s task. Measurement of essential offsets and positions   during work preparation  the...

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e-Doc The FORM X00 Sp range incorporates new online help to allow the operator to find relevant information as quickly as possible. This occurs via simplified access to help menus, by having a clearly organized navigation interface, that is more user-friendly and easy to grasp, and including search by key words or user index. Machining examples are produced as hard copy, presented in a succinct manner. Machining under AC FORM HMI high surveillance,   with Systems EXPERT automated protection, guarantees you results at the height of your requirements. Control of work executed under...

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Systems EXPERT TRANS-EXPERT The new algorithm for calculation of planetary translations allows substantial gains in machining speed, from roughing to finishing. SPAC GF AgieCharmilles has exclusive rights to SPAC. It allows a possible short circuit (CC) to be broken instantaneously, by applying a specific discharge to it for a fraction of a second. Machining, which is no longer slowed down by CCs, continues at full speed, without interruption, thus improving productivity. PILOT-EXPERT 4 Monitoring and optimization 24/7. Guarantees the best performance by continually taking account of...

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Consistent surface finish Uniformity of texture in an injection-molded part is directly related to the quality of the surface finish in the mold. To obtain perfect surface finish, GF AgieCharmilles has developed a technology called «Surface». This technology allows the highest criteria for surface consistency to be met. Lowest wear: reducing wear to its minimum Observance of the smallest details is still a major asset of EDM machining. Thanks to the iQ (Innovative Quality) technology developed by GF AgieCharmilles, power adjustments are regulated so as to increase material removal while...

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Built-in endurance, fit for any test Linear glass scales  Precision for life : To obtain lasting positional precision, only linear glass scales are effective. They eliminate the classical errors, such as play introduced by inversion, expansion and wear effects. The Dual Loop Positioning System (DLPS) perfected by GF AgieCharmilles is a closed-loop measuring system designed to give infallible precision, whatever the travel. It makes periodic maintenance and calibrating operations unnecessary. Sturdy mechanical design Short C-axis construction and oversize cast iron frame guarantee mechanical...

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Choosing good options are a matter of strategy Renishaw probe To ensure positioning precision, an optical transmission probe can be managed by the FORM 200 Sp    / FORM 300 Sp. Measurements allows dimensional inspection of machined cavities as well as the taking of references of the part, without having to remove it, thus saving a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, a measurement report is automatically generated by ac form hmi enabling rigorous checking and monitoring. Increased autonomy without manual intervention Manufacture of a mold often requires a large number of electrodes...

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Choosing good options are a matter of strategy Aim: 7,000 hours of EDM/year Autonomous cell-management maximizes machine time, which can now be increased from 2,500 hours on average, to close to 7,000 hours per year. Due to importing CAD/CAM data into the machine operator’s AC FORM HMI, taking references, as well as optimizing tool-changer cycles and flexible machining programming, results are backed up while allowing continuous production. Record productivity This cell-management system expands and supplements the practicality of AC FORM HMI. Quasi-total autonomy of each cell radically...

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