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Highlights Mechanical structure Control Generator Job preparation GF AgieCharmilles The most cost-efficient EDM die sinker for general mold and die applications

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Swiss top technology with best price-performance ratio Outstanding price /performance ratio The FORM 20/FORM 30 die-sinking EDM machines offer success-triggering features and excellent performance. Equipped with GF AgieCharmilles’ Swiss-made generator, the FORM 20    ORM 30 are /F the market’s ultimate in EDM price/performance. Innovative, space-saving design The NEW FORM 20 and FORM 30 are the most compact universal machines in the standard level segment. In only just one meter of width, a 940 mm x 540 mm workpiece can be loaded, allowing reduction of fixed costs. The new, modern machine...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 5

Two machines in one The FORM 20 and FORM 30 are available with the optional GammaTEC technology to optimize machining performance for shiny surface finishing on big workpiece surfaces. Rapid and easy changing from this configuration to standard EDM gives you the advantage of having two machines in one. Notably, the Swiss-made generator and all the available features of the standard configuration make the FORM20/FORM 30 comprehensive partners in your production chain. Versatile, reliable and easy to use The FORM 20/FORM 30 are amazingly flexible and easy to use, making it possible to cover a...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 6

Mechanical structure Solid structure for a reliable, stable operation Rigid and compact The use of cast iron and the short C frame design ensure static and dynamic rigidity of the mechanical structure. The cross-table, fitted with linear glass scales, guarantees positioning accuracy. The ergonomics of the machine are designed to provide the most favorable ratio between the floor space area and the work surface area. Linear Tool Changer (optional) Designed to be both economical and efficient, the fully integrated Linear Tool Changer (LTC) is ideal for less complex applications requiring few...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 7

C axis (optional) A rugged C axis delivers high positioning precision (0.001°) regard­ less of electrode weight (up to 25 kg) and full machine current. Completely integrated, the C axis is easily extended to increase X and Y travels when machining very large parts. Thanks to the CNC-controlled C axis integrated into the quill of the Z axis, the FORM 20 and FORM 30 are incredibly flexible machines, with four axes that can be interpolated simultaneously. Allows curved recesses and undercuts by rotating the C axis and 3D vector widening. Closed loop servo control Positioning measurements are...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 10

Maximize the productive hours In order to answer to these needs, AC FORM HMI provides new solutions  : Complete machining report The jobs executed out are the subject of a detailed report containing the strategy, the discharge time, events, etc. These information can be exploited for  : • Control the workpiece • Archive data • Enrich the know-how • Calculations of the production costs Automatic sequence : choose your priorities Based on the machining strategies and number of electrodes and parts, the “  equence  screen automatically s ” organizes the machining flow. This can be modified...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 11

Embedded documentation In order to avoid big workbooks, electronic documentation is embedded in the machine (HTML format). There is no need for printed information on the current screen, code programming, parameters of machining, maintenance, for example. With a simple touch, the necessary information instantly appears on the screen. Interactive graphical assistance All operations such as measurement and machining cycles are illustrated by graphics/icons for fast operator understanding and ease of use. Programming interactive chart • Rapid • Intelligent • Flexible AC FORM HMI for increased...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 12

Flexibility and power guarantee reliable results Generator and technology The FORM 20 and FORM 30 are equipped with one of the most modern generators in the world for die-sinking EDM. Integrated into the generator is quality-boosting and cost-saving intelligence. The EDM process is continuously optimized with every impulse, drastically reducing electrode wear on even the finest finishes. Process control takes a fraction of a second and produces an extremely homogeneous surface finish. The high-power generator has maximum output of 80 A on FORM 20 and 140 A on FORM 30. The generator’s...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 13

Easy setup for quick start of erosion Ergonomic job preparation The most common measuring cycles, from simple measuring of Z level to rotating the workpiece around the C axis, are integrated into the control. Thanks to these measuring cycles, the position of the workpiece is plotted, eliminating the need for the operator to adjust the workpiece. This means the time to erosion is minimized and the workpiece can be placed in the working area without time-consuming manual alignment. The operator can start the erosion. The new FORM 20 and FORM 30 are ideal machines for inexperienced users in...

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FORM 20 /FORM 30 - 14

High-Speed and High-Performance Milling Centers In terms of cutting speed, HSM centers are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines. Greater accuracy and a better surface nish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use. One essential advantage of HSM is that with systematic integration, the process chain can be signicantly shortened. HSM has developed alongside EDM into one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. Electric Discharge Machines EDM can be used to machine conductive materials of...

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© Agie Charmilles SA, 2012 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and are subject to change. Achieve more...

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