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Die Sinking EDM FORM200 400 - 16 Pages

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Die Sinking EDM FORM200 400

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The FORM 200 and FORM 400 combine productivity and flexibility

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Mechanical construction Compact and rigid mechanical concept Robust mechanical concept The construction as a short C frame and the oversized casting guarantee mechanical stability and precision throughout the life of the machine. The weight of the part and the volume of the dielectric have no effect. In addition, the robustness of the machine absorbs all the machining forces to maintain a precise gap between the part and the electrode. 2 1 Position reached? yes Command CNC G0X10 no 3 Axis movement (encoder motor) 4 Position verification (linear glass scale) Scale resolution : 50 nm 4 STOP...

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Control unit Flexible data entry, adaptable to the working environment Control unit Vision is a command offering a practically identical user interface for both die-sinking and wire-cutting electrical discharge machines. Vision has numerous practical functions, allowing priorities to be set according to economic and quality requirements. A flexible data management system allows machining sequences to be modified and integrated. The Vision command offers a clear view of the whole machining process, from data entry to the finished part. Problem-free work insertion The “ Piece Insert ”...

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Three intelligent modules allow the machine's current energy consumption to be optimized and reduced. A whole series of actions, such as switching off the dielectric pump, the lamp or the control screen, can be defined. These tasks can be optimized in the "After erosion" modules, "Standby" or " Delayed erosion" modules. The control panel can be pivoted and oriented to guarantee comfortable access. The new manual controls with a large color LCD screen with intuitive texts and icons ensure optimum machine operation.

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form 200 FORM 400 FORM 200 FORM 400

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Generator Flexibility and power guarantee reliable results Predictive planetary erosion With the Predictive Learning System (PLS) , the erosion conditions for orbital movements are continuously recorded and analyzed. When there is a deviation, the planetary erosion process is thus optimized one step after the other. The cavities are then made quickly and accurately. >>> The FORM 200 and FORM 400 sinker spark erosion machines are fitted with an Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) which, using patented technologies, establishes new standards in surface quality, material removal and...

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The iQ (innovative Quality) technology developed by GF AgieCharmiUes is available for the FORM 200 and FORM 400. The iQ technology allows wear-free EDM with graphite and copper electrodes, reducing the number of electrodes and corresponding costs and guaranteeing the highest accuracy of form. Part material: Steel 1.2343 Electrode material: Copper Result with iQ technology: Reduction in wear: from 20% to 90%

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Autonomy and flexibility Configurable performance potential High autonomy and reduction in dead time The FORM 200 and FORM 400 can be equipped with different tool loaders, allowing them to work for long periods without surveillance. The FORM 200 can be equipped with two different types of loaders. A five-position linear changer allows satisfactory autonomy for work requiring a smaller number of tools. Fast Tool Changer (FTC) When machining cycle times are short, the time devoted to tool changing must be minimized. GF AgieCharmilles offers the perfect solution with the FTC. It allows a tool...

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Accura-C, the highest performance shaft on the market It is far from rare to be confronted with machining where the electrodes are separated, even by a dimension such that holding them in a stable position during machining becomes problematic. Pulsed movements in a liquid medium (dielectric) generate lateral forces (in bending or rotation) on the electrode, which must be supported by shaft C. Through its very robust design, the Accura-C allows the absorption of very high moments of inertia, up to 5000 kgcm². Integrated tool changer (option) The FORM 400 can be equipped with a tool changer...

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GF AgieCharmilles Milling High-Speed and High-Performance Milling Centers In terms of cutting speed, HSM centers are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines. Greater accuracy and a better surface nish are also achieved. This means that even tempered materials can be machined to a condition where they are largely ready to use. One essential advantage of HSM is that with systematic integration, the process chain can be signicantly shortened. HSM has developed alongside EDM into one of the key technologies in mold and tool making. EDM Electric Discharge Machines EDM can be used to...

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259.805.022 Contact © Agie Charmilles SA, 2010 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and are subject to change. Achieve more...

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