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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000


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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 2

Medical application • Perfect round holes • High precision 3D ìForms • No material porosity Products • Surgical needles • Implants • Surgical precise and fi ne instruments • Intra-ocular lenses • Hearing aids Applications Range A word of smallest dimension What is micro-system technology ? It is used in general to designate the production or integration of components or devices, within a volume of 1 mm3. Application fi elds of micro EDM • 3D mould inserts for electronic devices • Pins and holes in micro valves and nozzles • 3D forms for extrusion nozzles • Biocompatible materials for...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 3

FORM 1000 This exceptionally accurate ED die sinking machine opens up a world of new possibilities Watch industry Injection moulding tool for the production of bottom plates for radio watches. 7 Bearings with a bore diameter of 0.135 + 0.005 and highest positioning. Injection material: LCP (Polyester Liquid Crystal Polymer) Tool design: single, 3 plate molds with latch-lock, with hot-channel on the distribution block with 2-pin gates for injection. This processing technique ensures a high precision molding of several million pieces. Electronic Micro Connectors Industry Inserts as well as...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 4

FORM 1000 At a glance High precision micro machining Patented monobloc and highest precision With a modulus of rigidity that is twice as high as normal designs, a particularly accurate rectangularity of the two main axes X and Y is achieved. The slide blocks run in roller guide rails which are mounted directly on the monobloc. The guide ways of X and Y axis are separate so that mutual interference is impossible and no tripping errors occur in the end sections of the travel paths. Mechanical, generator and control system With the new generator module for micro erosion, integrated in the work...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 5

User friendliness With the new design of the remote control with touch screen, the preparatory operations for machining operation with axis movement, measuring cycles and start of erosion are quicker and more reliable. This user friendliness is combined with the user interface Vision 5, which allows fl exible data input, adaptable to the surrounding environment. The FORM 1000 is equipped with a powerful control, including new features tailored to the needs and applications in micro erosion. The direct import of data of the workpiece and the electrode, a system of integrated management of...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 6

r = 5 ìm The ultra modern, highperformance ISPG generator The new ISPG generator achieves removal rates far above the average of other products. Intelligent interaction of various functions allow high performance machining in all application fi elds, from the narrowest slots through pointed conical cavities to pre-milled moulds. The FORM 1000 is equipped with the new iQ technologies for lowest electrode wear, using copper and graphite material for standard and micro machining applications. FORM 1000 with iQ technology is the ED die sinking machines for today’s applications with tomorrow’s...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 7

Great fl exibility for standard and micro applications The FORM 1000 is equipped with a fi xed table. The work tank and the dielectric level are automatically adjusted to the workpiece height, which allows comfortable access to the work zone for the operator. The machine has a standard granite table which, located at a lower level, offering the advantage of a high distance between table and quill for standard workpieces and electrode dimensions. An additional optional granite table allows great comfort and accessibility in the work area when machining micro applications requiring, for...

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Die Sinking EDM FORM 1000 - 8

Achieve more... At a glance GF AgieCharmilles We enable our customers to run their businesses effi ciently and effectively by offering innovative Milling, EDM, Laser and Automation solutions. A comprehensive package of Customer Services completes our proposition. Achieve more We commit to a promise. That promise is “ Achieve more ”. It’s a commitment to create the right conditions for our customers to obtain competitive results. When our customers win, we win. © Agie Charmilles SA, 2009 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics...

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