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Die Sinking EDM FO 350 MS


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FO 350 MS At a glance Mastering details for immaculate geometric quality Consistent and continuous mechanical stability The thermostabilization system is a world fi rst and prevents the impact of temperature variations on the precision of part machining. Airconditioned cabin and circulation of cooled dielectric in the work table, ensure consistent and continuous mechanical stability. Quality and output of EDM power The MicroTEC discharge circuit enables EDM power to be modulated and maximize material removal, while allowing a reduced electrode undersize (< 20 ìm). Even for the tiniest...

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Die Sinking EDM FO 350 MS - 3

FO 350 MS FO 350 MS Building long-lasting reliability A short oversized cast-iron C-frame delivers mechanical stability and precision for the life of the machine, regardless of workpiece weight or dielectric volume. In addition, a rugged design absorbs all machining forces in order to maintain a precise gap between workpiece and electrode. Linear glass scales equip the X and Y, as well as the Z axis, ensuring lifetime movement and positioning precision. A product, designed to count on when it comes to ensuring the smallest details and highest precision of your moulds. Machine concept X, Y,...

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Achieve more... At a glance GF AgieCharmilles We enable our customers to run their businesses effi ciently and effectively by offering innovative Milling, EDM and Automation solutions. A comprehensive package of Customer Services completes our proposition. Achieve more We commit to a promise. That promise is “ Achieve more ”. It’s a commitment to create the right conditions for our customers to obtain competitive results. When our customers win, we win. © Agie Charmilles SA, 2009 The technical data and illustrations are not binding. They are not warranted characteristics and...

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