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Delphin, modular Clamping System - 76 Pages

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Delphin, modular Clamping System

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Tooling Delphin – modular Clamping System

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Design and quality by System 3R

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Modern production plants equip their production facilities with a modular clamping system. System 3R Delphin - the modular clamping system

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Preconditions for efficient, economical and flexible production Every production plant uses clamping elements, jigs, fixtures, reference pallet systems to be able to clamp the range of workpieces machined efficiently and economically. The Delphin modular zero-point clamping system allows the machine table to be equipped individually with position-determining chucks. It thus allows the complete work area to be used and offers substantial advantages in relation to reducing setting times and enhanced flexibility thanks to substitution of preset workpieces. Consequently, it opens up entirely...

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Advantages of modular clamping By the modularly built-up pallets and devices can be combined arbitrary. The machine table can be used optimal. There can be clamped large single pallets or multiple smaller pallets / devices. System 3R offers you the support you need for your success! System 3R Delphin - the modular clamping system System 3R offers its customers comprehensive services and support in all phases, even after they buy the system. This is because we provide not only products but also solutions for productivity enhancement.

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Function of the drawbars Centring free of play Centre distance - determined by you yourself! One special feature in relation to modular equipping of the machine tables is the option for arrangement and number of chucks. Regardless of the requirements of the application, you determine the quantity and the particular centre distance with which you wish to equip the machine table. The centre distance is the centre-to-centre distance between the relevant chucks. The recommended centre distance is the default centre distance of 250 mm or 200 mm (with HCP also 100 mm are possible). Our...

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Built-in and built-up options Built-in Built-up and base plates Installation in machine tables or base plates: Without mounting bores The piston chamber of the chuck is integrated in the machine table or base plate. Semi built-in Mounting on machine tables, jigs or fixtures: With O-ring at the connection Installation in machine tables: The mounting bores for mounting on the machine table are made by the customer. With mounting bores the O-ring serves to seal the pneumatic and/or hydraulic supply lines. With connection thread Installation in clamping turrets or twin brackets etc. with...

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Advantages of the hydraulic system if used horizontally Protection of the Z-support of the chuck when loading heavy devices Release with lift-off Gentle lowering when clamping Contact face for gentle lowering Gentle clamping One major advantage of using hydraulic systems instead of pneumatic systems is controlled lowering of the workpieces during the clamping operation. The workpiece is lowered slowly onto the Z-supports, consequently protecting them. The Z-supports are cleaned during this clamping operation on the HHP/HCP/HHPA chuck. This increases accuracy over the years and thus prolongs...

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Automation with Delphin Automation demands special preconditions in a clamping system, and these are already met by the Delphin and Delphin BIG versions. Depending on the Delphin system, activation is either pneumatic or hydraulic. The control signals can be sent from the machine or from the robot to the corresponding machine valves which then perform activation of the Delphin system. There is also the option of activating a Delphin hydraulic unit directly by control air. On the Delphin BIG system, the control signals can be routed directly to the hydraulic unit. In this case, no valves are...

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Delphin HCP    HSP/HHP/HHPA PSP/PHP/PHPA    BIG Workpiece weight recommended <1000 kg    <2000 kg    <2000 kg    <10'000 kg Lift-off function yes, 1 mm    yes, 2 mm hydraulic    hydraulic    pneumatic    hydraulic mechanical    mechanical

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Delphin HHPA Delphin PHPA for manual and automated equipping The compact hydraulic system for manual and automated equipping 11 System 3R Delphin - the modular clamping system for manual and automated equipping Delphin BIG The hydraulic system for large part manufacturing, suitable for automation

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Overview of Delphin chucks Chucks type Built-up with flange Semi built-in With connection thread With O-ring at the connection Without fixation holes With fixation holes Recommendation We always recommend that workpieces, jigs or fixtures be clamped with at least four Delphin chucks. If this is not possible, chuck the workpiece, jig or fixture to a pallet or select cutting parameters accordingly. 12 System 3R Delphin - the modular clamping system

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Delphin – Chuck HCP The compact hydraulic system for manual and automated equipping Hydraulic Compact Performance Your advantages 99 Combination of positioning cone and springloaded centring for maximum accuracy 99 Low-wear and precise in the long term 99 Lift-off function for protection of the Z-support of the chuck when loading heavy devices 99 For manual and automated equipping 99 Suitable for milling and measuring machines 99 Simple drawbar mounting 99 All-around Z-support ring for protecting the drawbar bore against dirt Conical drawbar for space-saving mounting on jigs, fixtures or...

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Item number    Page Semi built-in HCP with    O-ring    C220    100    16 Semi built-in HCP with    thread    C220    120    16 Base plates Base plate with 2 chucks HCP Base plate with 2 chucks HCP Base plate with 4 chucks HCP Base plate with 4 chucks HCP Base plate with 6 chucks HCP Base plate with 6 chucks HCP without    with mounting bores    mounting bores Control units Hydraulic pump hybrid with control box (manual)    C287 150    49 Hydraulic pump hybrid without control box (automation)    C287 160    49 Drawbar fixing from the bottom Set for 2 chucks or base plate with 2...

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