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CUT P 350 CUT P 550 CUT P 800 CUT P 1250

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GF Machining Solutions +GF+ GF Machining Solutions +GF+

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GF Machining Solutions : all about you When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From world-class electrical discharge machines (EDM), Laser texturing and Additive Manufacturing through to first-class Milling and Spindles, Tooling, Automation and software systems — all backed by unrivalled customer service and support — we, through our AgieCharmilles, Microlution, Mikron Mill, Liechti, Step-Tec and System 3R technologies, help you raise your game and increase your competitive edge.

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Industry 4.0: Step into the future    10 Complete range of solutions    18 Designed for rough conditions    22 Optimized cost per part    25 Limitless Possibilities Face future challenges and gain access to limitless possibilities with the CUT P series. Answer your most critical applications with our complete range of solutions.

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Electronic components Accuracy is the key to your productivity Repeatability and longer tooling life are “must haves” with component miniaturization and increasing production volumes. Achieve the accuracy, machining repeatability and finer surface finishes essential to your daily success with the new CUT P wire-cutting EDM series. ± 2 µm positioning and contour accuracy Assembling more than 10 components— several millions of times—is one of the many challenges the ICT industry faces. Highly repeatable contour and positioning accuracy in production is a must.

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Injection molding for camera module components Stamping for data connectors Master miniaturization Integrating greater functionality into smaller volumes has long been a microelectronics industry characteristic, and GF Machining Solutions’ has been a miniaturization master for more than 60 years. The reproducibility of the millions of plastic injection parts produced per mold is maximized by perfectly identical mold inserts. Achieve consistent precision on inserts, whatever your workshop conditions, with our superior ±  μm positioning precision, thermostabiliza2 tion as variant, and very...

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Optimize your workflow, reduce your time to market Shorter time to market, larger product portfolios and zero-defect manufacturing call for shorter, more efficient manufacturing flows, more flexible production lines, and more reliable processes. Overcome these challenges with the CUT P series’ machining quality and efficiency solutions to optimize your production tool. up to 20% speed increases compared to previous generation

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Injection molding for car interiors Lower cost per part, greater mold lifetime Reduce the cost per part and increase the lifetime of your mold with higher accuracy, machining repeatability, and finer surface finishes. With contour precision down to ± 2 μm, extreme repeatability and surface finishes down to Ra 0.08 μm, more cycles are possible; at the same time, the new Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) increases process speed by 20 percent compared to earlier, similar machines. Reduced time to market Being a preferred supplier is directly linked to your ability to support the right quality...

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Increase your design possibilities Contrary to common belief, EDM has many strong advantages over more traditional medical industry manufacturing methods. With wire EDM as your solution, you easily execute complex geometries while benefitting from lower tooling costs, absence of machining forces, controlled biocompatibility, and a wide variety of Automation choices. 100% open to more flexible designs compared to traditional manufacturing techniques such as milling and turning

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Production efficiency With the increasing use of difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steels, cobalt chromium and titanium, wire EDM presents substantial advantages versus traditional machining technologies. Wire EDM prevents expensive cuttingtool costs and delivers absolutely burr-free parts regardless of part geometry. As machining forces are totally absent, part geometries are unaltered by the process and the clamping remains very simple. Part production for spinal implant Traceability Industry regulations mandate full traceability of the manufacturing process, and our CUT P...

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Industry 4.0: Step into the future Availability is key for your business The time you spend cutting is the time you are making money. That’s why GF Machining Solutions optimizes your productivity and machine availability with SMART and connected solutions. Manage your resources Increase your efficiency with smart consumables At the forefront of the Internet of Things, GF Machining Solutions presents SMART consumables, integrating RFID chips into wire and filter consumables to offer several efficiency-boosting benefits: • The machine automatically recognizes and parameterizes itself to work...

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Injection pressure Water temperature Short circuit Feed rate Ensure quality with monitoring and traceability eTracking digitizes your process monitoring • Ensures early quality failure detection by monitoring all machining and generator parameters • Prevents high scrapping losses by setting up alarms and related actions if process deviates from standard conditions • Delivers full process traceability for highly critical applications such as medical or aerospace Industry 4.0 GF Machining Solutions' wire EDM is completely aligned with Industry 4.0 and your need to optimize...

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Success relies on passion for details Retractable grid Fast access to the working area Thermostabilization Cut and preserve the accuracy all day and all night Centralized greasing Fast maintenance Rhenocast Stable results over time and temperature, whatever the part

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IPG Best generator on the market allowing surface finish down to Ra 0.08 pm, finest part rectitude with lateral servo control while offering ultimate machining speed + + + + AC CUT HMI 2 Ergonomic interface designed with and for the user Eco wire mode Reduces wire consumption up to 30 percent Wire speed optimization during measuring cycles * Some elements may be available as options or unavailable on some models

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