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Cut E 350 - 2

GF Machining Solutions : all about you When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From world-class Milling, electrical discharge machines (EDM) and Laser texturing machine tools through to first-class Automation, Tooling and software systems — all backed by unrivaled Customer service and support — we, through our Mikron, Liechti, AgieCharmilles and System 3R technologies help you raise your game and increase your competitive edge. Swiss design and quality

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Cut E 350 - 3

The CUT E 350/CUT E 600 range puts efficiency at the touch of your finger with a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies that streamline your job setup, improve your cutting speed, improve your surface finish, protect your valuable workpieces, and ensure your process robustness.

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Cut E 350 - 4

Touch your success Swiss innovation keeps you ahead Swiss tradition for constant innovation and strict quality standard push back the boundaries. Power your performance Your business performance is powered by machine performance. Our Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) boasts a wide range of expert technologies helping you to achieve the surface quality and precision your discerning customers demand. Accelerate your productivity Time saved is money earned. Onboard speed technology package puts you on the fast track to provide excellent performance at an affordable price. Experience ergonomy...

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Cut E 350 - 6

Intelligence inside Expert solutions for your success You benefit from GF Machining Solutions’ legacy of more than 60 years of EDM expertise. That expertise informs our solutions and triggers your success.

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Cut E 350 - 7

PART EXPRESS Operators sometimes face unexpected situations. It is very common to be confronted with a change in priorities in the flow of production. With AC CUT HMI, the insertion of an urgent machining job can be done in a simple, rapid and reliable manner and you can resume the previous work exactly where it was interrupted. AUTO RESTART If the power goes out, the point and the job name are memorized, allowing a direct re-start of the job after power is restored. POWER-EXPERT Wire breakage prevention on parts with variable heights This smart module continually analyzes the machining...

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Cut E 350 - 8

Filters For easy operation. We positioned the two filters side by side to make maintenance fast and easy. Uses 30 percent less floor space compare to previous model Compact layout For space savings. The compact layout of about four square meters allows efficient integration of the CUT E series into your workshop. Drop door For best use of workshop space. The standard drop door system allows easy and convenient access to the working zone.

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Cut E 350 - 9

Machine concept New design, new features based on years of legacy Solutions to advance your performance and productivity, secure your processes, and accelerate your time to market are engineered into the CUT E 350/CUT E 600 wire-cutting EDM machines Thermocut for easy operation Your key to successful, efficient threading is preparing the wire properly before threading, thanks to the Thermocut module. Automatic indexing chuck Autoindexer is an integrated rotary indexing unit with continuous 90° capability intended for submerged use in wire EDM machines. Wire circuit Reliable table wire...

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Cut E 350 - 10

Swiss quality Engineered for precision and repeatability The CUT E series is designed to make it easy for you to accurately machine even large, heavy workpieces. You can count on highly repeatable results. T shape For accuracy. The T-shaped based frame permits loading of large and heavy work pieces. The compactness and independence of the XY/UV axes guarantee good positioning accuracy and highly repeatable results. Large/heavy workpieces Thanks to the standard drop door, large and heavy workpieces up to 1,000 kg can be easily loaded and unloaded.

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Cut E 350 - 11

Taper Glass scales Precison cuts up to 30° over 38 mm are enabled by a com- For repeatability. The glass scales preserve long-term ac- pact and flexible mechanical concept. curacy, require no recalibration, and eliminate classical screw system errors related to backlash and wear.

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Cut E 350 - 12

Numerical control and interface A new era of functionalities with an ergonomic HMI With a 19-inch touch screen with pinch-and-pull effect for high detail accuracy, intuitive logic for fast learning, and a new hand box designed for one-hand use, the AC CUT HMI makes fast work of programming multi-cavity and multi-technology jobs. File management Manage folders and files, create a new job folder, send an existing job to preparation or execution modes You can easily organize the execution of a succession of jobs, get the status of each job executed, and create and store job reports Get...

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Cut E 350 - 13

Area which provides relevant information about consumables, job execution and messages Area that allows programming, execution and monitoring of the fields Operator’s panel and keyboard for manual data input (MDI) 19-inch touch screen The 19-inch touch screen gives you a clear view of the process management. Job preparation, monitoring of the current job, and various function are available in a single view.

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Cut E 350 - 14

Power your performance Your efficient production is at the heart of the modern IPG. Its onboard technologies boost cutting speed, precision and surface quality to satisfy your customers and put you ahead of your competitors. Hole plate - Dimensions : 250 x 150 x 15 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Positioning accuracy : ± 3 µm - Surface roughness : Ra 0.22 µm Variable height The POWER-EXPERT module decides the optimal power to send in the wire, and is especially efficient for stepped parts. - Height : 10-60 mm - Steel - AC Brass 900 (hard) wire - Three cuts - Surface...

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Cut E 350 - 15

Form accuracy - Height : 60 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Maximum dimensional error TKM : ± 2 µm High part - Height : 150 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Six cuts - Maximum dimensional error TKM : ± 5 µm Hard metal die - Height : 20 mm - Tungsten carbide - AC CUT AH (brass coated) wire - Five cuts - Surface roughness : Ra 0.17 µm Stamping die - Height : 20 mm - Steel - AC CUT AH (brass coated) - Five cuts - Clearance : 4 µm - Surface finish : Ra 0.22 µm Taper The CUT E series demonstrates its versatility by offering the capability to cut cones - Up to...

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