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AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling - 20 Pages

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AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling

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Dedicated Solutions

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GF Machining Solutions : all about you When all you need is everything, it’s good to know that there is one company that you can count on to deliver complete solutions and services. From world-class electrical discharge machines (EDM), Laser texturing and Additive Manufacturing through to first-class Milling and Spindles, Tooling, Automation and software systems — all backed by unrivalled customer service and support — we, through our AgieCharmilles, Microlution, Mikron Mill, Liechti, Step-Tec and System 3R technologies, help you raise your game and increase your competitive edge. Conformal...

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GF Machining Solutions' approach    14 GF Machining Solutions has long been a major actor in plastic injection and die casting by providing market players with high-performance machine tools. Customers trust our solutions to manufacture the most complex molds and inserts. GF Machining Solutions goes further by incorporating Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology to its portfolio with the AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling, based on quality proven EOS technology. Push existing limits with previously unachievable thermal regulation.

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Industry trends Seize opportunities in growing industries Plastics industry growth is linked to trends such as the investigation of lighter and more efficient products for transportation; the increasing aging population and growing income as drivers for medtech; and rising need for packaging to meet consumer needs. Such growth gives rise to increased competition and evergreater research and innovation efforts. Industry players are facing serious challenges with strategic processes with increasing complexity: deliver new products and new materials on the market while improving product...

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Industry trends Beat the competition There is increasing pressure to more quickly deliver higher quality die-casting parts. AM works for all kinds of products and is a very efficient option for dies characterized by thick walls. The quality of these parts is linked to the quality of the tools used. Temperature control within these dies is of chief of importance. Efficient thermal regulation in dies is essential for stress-relieved cooling of the workpiece and positively impacts final part quality by eliminating hotspots for example. As a bonus, improved temperature homogeneity can increase...

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Additive Manufacturing A fully integrable path to the future AM is a hot industrial topic as applications are numerous and promising—and initiatives are multiplying all over the world. GF Machining Solutions has embraced AM as a leading technology providing new opportunities for its customers, and understands how it complements traditional technologies, particularly in mold and die manufacturing. Today, GF Machining Solutions meets customers’ needs with both an AM solution and support in integrating this technology into their machining processes. Beyond conventional machine tools The AM S...

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Conformal channels Increase mold performance Thanks to 3D printing, you can build inserts with conformal channels, meaning that they are placed closer to the final molded part and that they respect the part’s geometry. This breakthrough then aligns the exchange of temperature inside the mold and therefore optimizes production in terms of time, cost and quality. Mold flow simulation Simulation is essential to creating these conformal channels, and very effective and easy-to-use software solutions are available. GF Machining Solutions’ AM team supports you both in learning channel design and...

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Additional benefits AM can do more than you think Injection cycle Filling and melt packing Heating phase: Fine detail reproduction Surface quality Optimized temperature homogeneity • Higher surface quality • Better texture details Solidification Cooling phase: Plastic solidification phase Optimized solidification time • Higher part quality: less deformation • Shorter cooling time: for same quality horter cycle time S ess scrap and warpage L horter lead time S reater design flexibility G Prototyping The mold design process requires expensive iterative steps to eliminate defects through a...

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AgieCharmilles AM S 290 Tooling A dedicated solution GF Machining Solutions uses the proven quality of EOS and offers the market a configured-for-you system for the production of inserts and molds with conformal channels. The EOS technology is recognized as the best on the market. With the AM 290 S Tooling, you achieve incomparable quality on your final printed inserts. Work with confidence that you're using the same EOS technology relied upon and trusted by well-known companies in such critical industries as aerospace and medtech for parts production. With a System 3R MacroMagnum chuck...

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Quality proven EOS technology 400-watt ytterbium fiber Laser for unrivaled printed parts Optimized process gas management for reduced maintenance costs Integrated chuck for seamless integration Various accessories for powder management Intuitive software for fast learning Monitoring options for controlled production Multiple parameter options for adapted prior knowledge Hybrid mold insert The hybrid mold insert is the most economical solution for parts characterized by geometrically simple and complex sections. Such hybrid parts can be created by directly generating the additively...

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+ + + + + + + + + ++ + + I++++++ +++++ H+++ +    ++ ++++4 ++++++ + + +++ +++++ ++++++ + +H+*    + From 3D printing to injection

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3D printed core and cavity after post-processing for production of plastic valves

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GF Machining Solutions’ approach Strong support for better lead time It is important to understand that AM cannot function without conventional technologies and many post-processes. That’s why GF Machining Solutions offers you a complete solution: a dedicated machine with an integrated chuck as well as the team and the approach to support you in your decision to invest in AM. 2. 3D conformal channel design 3. Thermal simulation and structural analysis 4. Additive Manufacturing preparation Re-engineering for better parts 5. Additive Manufacturing simulation 6. Additive Manufacturing of both...

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