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800 u st

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Turning. Roughing. Finishing. One clamping operation. Very compact design Fully protective cabinet for clean working conditions Mikron MILL P 800 U ST ( ­ simultaneous turning) is a new solution based on the successful Mikron HPM 800U. The gantry concept provides the perfect conditions for high precision and optimal workpiece surfaces. Dual drive in Y-axis for dynamism and stability Stainless-steel axle coverings Oil-mist extractor for clean air All axles with direct measuring systems Tool magazine with capacity for 60, 120, 170, or 215 tools Double-walled safety door with large window...

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Turning and milling in one clamping operation. Increased precision, faster production. Aero Engine seal rings, blisk, rotor, compressor housing, brake caliper Energie Impeller, gearwheel, housing Machining industry Housings for engines, machine benches, lathe chuck, flange, gearbox housing, blisk 3

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Machine and Spindle Protection Simultaneously repositioned tools (perpendicular to workpiece surface) create a high-quality surface. V Breaking distance V Breaking distance Complete solution Pallets suitable for milling and turning. The world’s only spindle protection to work in every direction! Most collisions occur when a new CNC program is run for the first time. MSP offers the highest safety levels against this. The previous pallets can also be used. 400 x 400 mm Automated pallet handling without restriction of access to work area. The pallet switcher passes through the machine. 100...

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Milling/turning benefits Time savings through complete processing The workpieces remain on the same machine for milling and turning. Idle time of workpieces is avoided. Lower tool costs Machining with turning tools is more cost-efficient. Specific surfaces Sealing grooves to seal higher pressures. Smooth surfaces to minimize cleaning efforts. Higher run-out accuracy Improved run-out precision and balance can be achieved more easily and quickly by combining turning and milling.

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Technical data Working range Number of simultaneous axis pee. 5/5 simultaneous Feed Drives ____ _ Feed rate Rapid traverse X.Y^Z__ _JTl/ITin__ ---___ Working spindle _ ___ __ Working spindle 20 000 Spindle power 40% ED kW _36_ Work table Peak torque C-axis Nm 1750 Tool magazine Positions 60,120,170,215 Laser tool measurement Option Infrared touch probe Option Automatical cabine roof + Coolant sump, chip conveyor + Minimum-quantity cooling lubrication + Mist extraction unit, etc. + Compressed air blow through spindle + Ancillary services Service training courses + Control unit

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Mikron MILL P 800 U ST, 60 tools Mikron MILL P 800 U ST, 60 tools, 2 pallets Mikron MILL P 800 U ST, 120–215 tools, pallet magazine with 7–12 pallets

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We enable our customers to run their businesses efficiently and effectively by offering innovative Milling, EDM, Laser, Spindle, Automation and Tooling solutions. A comprehensive package of Customer Services completes our proposition.

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