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3D Measuring System Micro Robotic Solution with MasterPlan Measurements and setup have never been so simple and fast. With an easy setup, the intuitive X-PAD MasterPlan Android software and the one-man operation, Zoom3D will speed up your daily work indoors and outdoors and bring the plan into the field. ©2018 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved. Visit our website to find your local distributor: geomax-positioning.com

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Works when you do With a few steps you are ready to measure. Place your Zoom3D on any stable flat surface or on the tripod. Turn it on. The Zoom3D levels automatically. Connect it to your mobile device, start X-PAD MasterPlan and be ready to measure within short! I A No matter if in dark or sunlight conditions, targeting on hidden points, over short or long distances up to 50 metres, X-PAD MasterPlan offers many intelligent features to target the aimed point precisely. By one key press the point is measured and visualised on your screen. For construction professionals looking for one...

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Zoom3D - 4

Area and Volume Measure and draw a surface to know directly in the field what is a specific area. X-PAD MasterPlan also enables to calculating a volume and the cut/fill portions. One-man layout X-PAD MasterPlan includes an easy-to-use but powerful stakeout tool for the site layout. Save time and resources and upgrade your Zoom3D to a micro robotic solution for one-man operations. X-PAD MasterPlan is featured with a target recognition technology, automatically aiming and tracking the target mounted on a standard pole. Jobsite checks Zoom3D and X-PAD MasterPlan are ideal for all daily...

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Zoom3D - 5

When geometry becomes complex and surfaces are curved, Zoom3D measures horizontal, vertical and sloped sections automatically. Projection on surfaces Position and stakeout a rectangular grid of points on a reference surface, a set of points or a generic drawing previously imported. Zoom3D will guide you automatically to all points. Measure and draw the 3D environment in the field quickly and easily, and then export the result in DXF or ASCI format. Draw 2D and 3D elements with the best results using the X-PAD MasterPlan full range of drawing tools. Your perfect partner for indoor...

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Zoom3D - 6

Goniometer Circular Level Setting Measurement range Horizontal 360°; vertical 250° Accuracy 1°/mm Laser Distance Metre Type Coaxial, visible red laser Communication Cable USB: Micro-B USB and type a; WLAN Power Supply Internal battery Li-Ion battery 14.4 V / 63 Wh External power 24 VDC / 2.5A, charging time 8h Tie Distance Accuracy (3D) Angle and distance @10 m @30 m @50 m combination Approx. 1mm 2mm 4mm Tilt sensor Self-levelling range ±3° Accuracy 10", equates to 2.5 mm @ 50 m Physical Specifications Dimensions Height 215.5 mm 0 186.6 mm Operation Keys/user interface 1 on / off button...

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