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Zoom95 Series Robotic Total Station I Modern data handling ■ Large 5" VGA touch screen ■ Powerful processor - easy & fast handling of big files ■ Automatic data backup ■ Scout: Quick search for passive prisms within a large area I Maximum flexibility ■ Field software: X-PAD Ultimate Survey or Build on Android, X-PAD Survey or Construction on Windows Mobile ■ Field controllers: GeoMax' or your own device Smart Investment ■ No maintenance cost for field software ■ Latest Hexagon technology ■ Stress-free equipment: PIN/ PUK - anti-theft feature f in o (D geomax-positioning.com ©2021 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.

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Zoom95 Series Zoom95 is the perfect one-person total station. If you are in charge of surveying for construction projects or purchasing devices for your company, this one-person total station is made for you. The prism can be quickly located, tracked and stays locked with the built-in STReAM360 technology. Combined with our X-PAD field software, which is open to 3rdparty field controllers and available in Windows and Android, Zoom95 provides a full range of efficient choices. X-PAD software suite has been developed based on our customer feedback. It perfectly matches Zoom95 workflows. It is...

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